Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Yesstyle Haul and Review

Hello everyone!

Yesterday a package arrived, containing my sister's Yesstyle clothes and just one top that I had ordered last minute. I wasn't expecting it to arrive so fast since I had picked standard shipping, which takes around 6-15 days opposed to the express shipping of 3 days. At the time of placing an order, there was a promotion going on about free standard shipping to Canada and US with a minimum order of $70. Now I haven't ordered anything from Yesstyle in quite a while, so it was quite exciting to get the package in the morning, despite most of the clothes not being mine in the first place (weird thinking I know, but that feeling of getting a new package has rubbed off on me). I really wanted to do a review on the clothes for a while now, so I asked for permission from my sister and she agreed! She usually is picky when it comes to these things or just anything in general, so getting a simple "yes" was a miracle.

Before starting the review, to quote my sister: "all credit goes to me". (humouring her). xD

The package arrived in a large black bag rather than a big box commonly used for express shipping. It was taped so tightly that I couldn't find a "flap" and had to use scissors to open it up. 

Once I managed to get the black bag opened, I found all the clothes stuffed in this huge transparent plastic bag that resembles a ziploc.

The clothes were individually folded and put in a plastic bag.

What I like to note here is that I really like Yesstyle's packaging. I had ordered from them a few times before and the packaging always seem to stay consistent, which is of course a good thing.

Anyway, included in the package along with the clothes is a small advert detailing their 5th Anniversary Sale and 2011 Summer New Arrivals (a bit too late there Yesstyle... ^^;). 

Now, for the clothes themselves! I am going to start with my top first, since I actually bought it for myself.

59 Seconds White Bandeau Top

Link: Here
Price: $9.12
Thoughts: Here is the top that I practically bought at the last minute. I was browsing through the selection under the "Ready to Ship" category after my sister was done with her shopping and I found a bunch of bandeau tops. At the time I didn't have a lot of bandeau tops. In fact, I didn't have any at all. So I figured, "why not?" and got it. I could use a bandeau top to wear under some of my more low-cut dresses, compared to continuously wearing my tank top. After getting the top in the mail, I immediately tried it on. To me, it is better to get the size issue out of the way as soon as possible. Regarding the fit, the top was a little tight but fits me just fine. The tightness is presumably from it being a bandeau top and according to the description found on the site, "allows you to go strapless in style." I took a picture to show you what the bandeau top looks like on me under one of my low-cut dresses.

I say that for the price, the bandeau top isn't bad. It was already on sale for 24% off when I got it (list price was originally $12), so it couldn't get any cheaper that that. This was the cheapest bandeau top that I could find as well. The material is sturdy and feels like it can last for a decent time. The only downside is that this bandeau top is very plain compared to other bandeau tops that I had found. Usually I like ordering from 59 Seconds because their one size tends to be a bit bigger than other brands, especially most South Korean brands. None-the-less, this is purely an aesthetic complaint and it is nothing that I can't fix via sewing. :)

Overall: Cheap, snug fit, decent quality, plain looking.

59 Seconds Rhinestone Apple Denim Pants

Link: Here
Price: $16.72
Thoughts: My sister bought these denim shorts from the 2011 Summer New Arrivals collection, which came out a long time ago. As you can see, the denim shorts are based on an apple theme, what with the red buttons, red striped bands, and apple rhinestone detailing. A unique and fun take on what would've been a regular pair of denim pants. The waistband is elastic, so the pants fit my sister just fine (plus it's 59 Seconds!). There are back pockets and front pockets on the pants, but the front pockets aren't very deep, making it hard to store anything larger than a phone. The back pockets are around the same size as standard jeans. For the price paid, the pants are pretty decent, since the jeans around my area tends to sit at around $30 if not on sale. As for the quality, the material feels and looks like any regular denim pants, though there are some frayed ends inside. It said on the site that the pants can be hand washed or machine washed, but I think that it would be okay to machine wash it as long as the pants are turned inside out. Hand washing might be recommended though because of the apple rhinestone detailing.  

Overall: Good price, nice fit, decent quality, fun and unique look, short front pockets, recommended hand washing due to rhinestones.

CLICK Oatmeal Doll Print Pullover

Link: Here

Price: $21.38
Thoughts: Every time I visit the Yesstyle site, I always see this pullover under the "Bestsellers" tab. There is another top that my sister ordered that is also listed under the "Bestsellers" tab, but I will get to that in a bit. So imagine to my surprise that my sister actually ordered it, with the pullover being out for so long and all. The pullover is very long and it is loose and comfortable when worn. Just like the picture, it has a print of a cute doll. The pockets on the sides are very huge and extends a bit to the back, so you can put just about anything in there for easy storage. The price is decent for the quality of the pullover (though I suppose it could go a little cheaper), which felt very sturdy and solid, and would probably last for quite a while. Not as warm as the other bestsellers top, but still nice enough to be worn on winter days and even milder days. Not absolutely certain about this part, but since the oatmeal colour is almost close to white, it might get easily dirtied.

Overall: Decent price, loose and comfortable fit, decent quality, cute print, large pockets for easy storage, good for winters and mild weather, might get easily dirtied due to similarity with white.

BAIMM Black Elbow Sleeve Stripe Cardigan

Link: Here (No longer available)

Price: $23.75
Thoughts: The cardigan is very long, just as long as the oatmeal pullover, and is a loose and comfortable fit. The pockets are large enough to fit your whole hand into it. The cardigan is very sheer and thin. It is so sheer that you can see the black lines on the other side as shown in the picture. I didn't take a picture of it, but when holding the cardigan up to the light or when looking at it close enough, I can see little small holes, indicating the thinness of the material. For the price paid, to be honest I don't think the cardigan was worth the price due to the cardigan being sheer and thin (if it was around $15 then it would've been alright). Combine the two qualities with the short sleeves and you get a cardigan that's really only perfect for spring and summer. In other words, definitely not for winter wear.

Overall: Bad price, loose and comfortable fit, decent quality (only for spring and summer), large pockets.

59 Seconds Nordic Print Hooded Fleece Pullover

Link: Here

Price: $22.80
Thoughts: Here is the other "Bestsellers" pullover that I had mentioned when reviewing the doll oatmeal pullover. I also kept seeing this pullover constantly whenever I take a peek through the "Bestsellers" category. Just as I was surprised when my sister bought the oatmeal one, I was also surprised at this one. When I first saw this pullover, my thoughts were neutral. I didn't have any thoughts on the pullover because I'm not really into Nordic print or have seen the print often. When it arrived in the mail however I was pleasantly surprised. The material is very smooth and soft, similar to that of fur on fur jackets. The same material is also on the inside, making it warm on the inside as well as on the outside, with the exception of the inside of the hood (which is simple white cotton). The ears and pom-poms made this pullover a bit cuter, reminiscent to that of a brown sheep dog. For the price paid, the pullover is worth the price. It will definitely keep you warm for the long cold winters that's to come. The downside I can see to wearing this though is that because the inside is just as furry as the outside, pulling it over your head may cause hair static. It might also be a bit hard to wash, but I'm pretty sure that it can be machine washed. It DID say so on the Yesstyle site afterall. ^^                      

And that is the end of a very long Yesstyle review! Hope this helps whenever you're going shopping on Yesstyle. If you are new to Yesstyle, check it out! It's an awesome site filled with fashion selection that comes straight from Asia!

Take care everyone! 


  1. I wear bandeau tops all the time, so handy! I adore that Nordic pull over!

  2. @The Glass Princess Thank you! I'm starting to like bandeau tops as well. xD I might consider getting some more off of Yesstyle if I ever feel like doing a bulk order.

  3. The pants are very cute ^^ and I love the stripped cardigan I've the same but mine is yellow and grey ^^ and thank you for the sweet comment, you're very nice :)

  4. @Emmanuella Aww thank you! <3 You are nice too! You deserve the comments! :)

  5. lovely buys! ^^ i love that Doll Print Pullover every time i look at yesstyle i want to buy it :) it looks so cute and comfy! :)

  6. @lita Thank you! I personally think that it's the "cutie" of the bunch ^^.

  7. Sweet haul!

  8. Hey check out the new website!

    They are having a Grand Opening Event!! They sell Korean and Japanese Fashion clothes. They get their clothes straight from seoul, korea! Quality is really good compared to a lot of asian websites. Check it out! ^^


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