Friday, 31 May 2013

Hime Deco ID Card Holder Tutorial

Hello everyone!

As I had mentioned before on a couple of previous posts, I was and am still planning a crafting post sometime later. Finally, I had done one, and I am quite eager to share what I had created in this post! I wanted to start out small, since I have not crafted in awhile. So why not start out with this plain ID card holder/tag?

This ID card holder was one of the numerous gifts that was given to me from my grandmother during one of her annual trips to China. It did not occur to me how frequent I was using it until typing up this post, since I often use transit. Actually, it is a combination of that and honestly not feeling like constantly pulling out my wallet out and having to dig around in the numerous pocket slots for the bus pass. The ID holder originally had a clip on the strip end of the ID holder that allows the ID to be clipped onto a top or shirt, but came off after a combination of moderate usage and some rough handling. I don't even bother clipping the ID holder onto anything, so it didn't really bug me, and I usually store the ID holder in a separate bag pocket anyway. However, after constant usage of the ID holder, I do realize that it is quite plain. So why not revamp it up Hime-style?

After some delicate and careful work, this is what I had gotten as a result!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Hanging out with a friend and a followup with Yumetenbo

Hello everyone!

I had been contemplating on creating a lifestyle post or "life-post", a post that basically goes on about the daily happenings that takes place in my life. I haven't created one as of yet, and am a bit hesitant to do so, since I am still a bit private when it comes to personal affairs. However, it doesn't hurt to try out new things, and that is exactly what I am going to do here! Also, I am pretty sure that you all might be getting bored from my constant haul posts, which I will be doing in this post later on anyway! xD Really need to start getting on the craft train already!

Anyway, I hung out with my friend on Victoria Day, which was on last Monday. I will not mention her name for privacy reasons, but we had mainly gone to H&M for our shopping needs. :) Here are a couple of outfit shots that I had taken while I was in the change room. I was very excited about this outfit, since I had gotten the opportunity to incorporate a couple of my latest Yumetenbo pieces into it.

Friday, 17 May 2013

More Random Purchases!

Hello everyone!

I had been eager on wanting to make a crafts post for quite some time, but had never gotten around to doing it, which is a shame since I already have a ton of ideas in mind that are stored in the form of sticky notes stuck on an inspiration board. I had realized how messy my desk is and I had been slowly cleaning for goodness-knows how many days. ^^; On the bright side, I had been making a bunch of bows after realizing that I am dangerously low on them, especially on pink ones! (though lavender and sax bows doesn't hurt to make as well) Why would I be making some instead of just buying them you may ask? Well, I had already bought a ton of stuff off of some of the sites and I wanted to give my wallet a rest by keeping my hands busy. In the meantime, feel free to see some more purchases that I had made during my break and then some

I had decided to *gasp* place a couple of orders off of Gyaru Comm Sales. This is a pretty big step for me, since 1) I haven't placed an order from there before and 2) The site isn't really an actual store but rather a bunch of sellers and buyers gathered in one place. None-the-less, I was looking around to see if there were any good bargains available, particularly on Liz Lisa, since I did not own any from that brand. Now I am just picky with any particular type of clothing material, especially Liz Lisa, but I had managed to find something. How exciting! My first official brand clothing item, or so I thought.

I had bought this Liz Lisa dress that still has a tag on it. At first I had thought that it was authentic , until I had checked the tag that is...   

Really love the print on the dress!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

An Extensive Rakuten Yumetenbo Review Part 2

This blog post is just a continuation from the previous review that I had done on Yumetenbo. The link to that blog post can be found here. 

Just like with the other part of the blog post, this part of the review is going to be just as extensive, though it will only "truly" be extensive in the sense of constant picture spamming of detailed product shots.

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