Saturday, 12 October 2013

Huge accessories haul from Ardene and Claires + A surprise item

Hello everyone!

For those that are curious if I had dropped off the face of the Earth as of yet, rest assured that I am still alive and kicking! I am just being bombarded by the constant swamp that is called homework, as always whenever the school year comes around. Since I currently have a long weekend, I figured that I might as well create a blog post while I still have this time window available!

Anyway, since I had been hectic with pretty much everything lately, whether it be just studying, working on numerous assignments, or just working, I had not really been doing much. However, I did go on a somewhat moderate accessory haul a while back, and had decided to hit up both of my favourite accessory shops, Ardene and Claires (though I don't usually shop at Claires as much as Ardene, and I shopped there this time because of a discount card)! I haven't bought anything in a while back then and I wanted some new tights and fresh accessories to flesh out my collection!

Just as a heads up, some of the lighting in the photos will look a little bit darker than usual, but that is because I had taken these pictures a few hours before evening.  

Ardene haul

Nothing screams hime more than pink rose tights

I had been looking for this particular style necklace for centuries! I am so glad that I had found it!

I will admit, this necklace had not really been my absolute favourite, but I got it anyway to fulfill discount requirements.

Yay for accessories that happens to be matching!
Claires haul

I had seriously eyed this charm bracelet ever since it had hit stores. It is extremely cute yet has an elegant feel to it, especially with the tea cup and tea pot! I did not get it before because it was not on sale at the moment.

Of course getting more roses doesn't hurt...

This had just recently happened, but today have been the release date of the latest pokemon games, which are Pokemon X and Y! I had gotten the X version while my friend had gotten the Y version to enable easier trading! :) I had been very excited all day over this particular game and can't wait to play it! 

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