Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fullmoon Haul and a Little Bit of a Review

Hello everyone!

Today my Fullmoon package had arrived! The package got delivered on July 22, making it a total of 8 business days (if you count the day it got sent), which is not bad for a package coming from the far eastern region. My Hong Kong eBay purchases usually last longer (around the full 2 business weeks) so it definitely is fast shipping. My total when I had made the order came out to be $35.50 USD ($21.50 USD merchandise total + $14.00 USD shipping), but there was an error with the package weight on the website and I ended up paying $5.00 more than expected, so Yuki gave me 5 store points for me to use on my next purchase. ^^ That is very good customer service.

The package the products came in.

The inside of the package as I opened it. I don't really know why there was an inflated bag sitting in there... Maybe to protect the items by letting the box keep its shape?

Look at the size of the bubble wrap! :O And no that's not a zoom up shot.

The products themselves.

Bag Hangers

The bag hangers feel heavy, especially when dangling them by the hook, but that can easily be from the material that they were made from (which I presume is metal). The backs seem to have this black magnet-like padding, probably to keep it still while hanging the bag. Now I have to admit that before I got these, I know little there is to know about bag hangers. I occasionally see these on the Strapya World website and I thought they were pretty cool and practical. At the same time I was pretty skeptical on them actually working. Judging from the pictures, they looked "flimsy" and looked like they were gonna fall off the table along with the bag at any moment. I also wonder at how they were able to stick onto the table while holding the bag at the same time. Looks like my skeptical mind has been put to rest because surprisingly enough they actually work!

Testing it out with my bag and finding out that it actually works.

I got 2 so I can give one of them to my mom, who I haven't gotten anything for in ages *hangs head in shame*. She has always been on the practical side so I figured that this would make a great gift for her. ^^ 

Hime Case

The case looks very Anna Sui-like, down to the colour and the outer curves. It was a little hard to try and open it the first time, but I chalk that up to the case being brand new. After what felt like many attempts, I managed to get it opened. It has a mirror on the inside of the lid, making the lid feel a little heavy when lifting it opened. I don't think the case would appreciate rough handling, so I better be careful when opening and closing the case. I got this case because I usually carry around spare bobby pins with me to keep my bangs out of my eyes, which I didn't have a case for until now. Yay!

Pink Hime Mirror

This hand mirror is pink and pretty. It has this pretty Victorian-like design all over it and feels plastic. This hand mirror was the very reason why I decided to go shop at Fullmoon recently. Come to think about it, I seem to have a mirror addiction going on (now have 4 mirrors: a full body mirror, a wall mirror, a desk mirror, and now a hand mirror... O-o). I didn't pick this at first sight however as it took some intense decision making, mainly between an Anna Sui-like mirror and this mirror. I eventually picked this one because I don't really like black :/. I don't regret it since I fell in love with it when it arrived <3. 

Colourful Rhinestones and Pearls


I needed more rhinestones so I got some. The usual hime selection of black, clear, light, and dark pinks along with the rare lavender. Yuki threw in a present consisting of red rhinestones and light pink pearls. How very nice of her. ^^

That is about it. I should be able to continue working on the latest craft project that I will show you soon. :) Until then take care!


  1. i love that hand held mirror! i must do a haul from them soon too!

  2. Cute stuff! ^^ i love the mirror! So pretty :)

  3. @Lita Thank you! ^^ Fullmoon always seems to have pretty hand mirrors and I just had to get one. xD

  4. I have the little hime case but in baby pink! It's really cute! I love that mirror it's adorable! ❤


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