Saturday, 6 August 2011

Deco Post - Bag Hanger Part 1

Hello everyone!

So today I decided to decorate one of the bag hangers that I had bought earlier, since it was originally suppose to be a present for my mom on her birthday (which had already passed ;_;). I did have a project that's in the works earlier, so I decided to put off that project in favour of this one, knowing that the deadline had already passed. I mean, later is better than never right?

Regarding the title, I meant to do a post on both of the bag hangers, not just one. So it's not actually going to be splitting this post into two parts but rather two different bag hangers. I apologize if I confused anybody with that. ^^;

Materials used:
- bag hanger
- scrap paper
- rhinestones
- glue (Gemtac)
- tweezers
- toothpick

I apologize in advance for any blurry pictures. I really should get a new camera. >< 

First I wiped the bag hanger of any dust or finger prints.

I decided to start off with filling the outer part of the bag hanger with a black and white pattern.

Doing the same thing as I make my way into the circle...

And finished! :D That was quick, but then considering that the bag hanger doesn't have that much space to work with in the first place that is to be expected. I decided to use only black and white rhinestones since I am pretty sure my mom wouldn't take kindly to "over the top bling". xD None-the-less, it is still nice. Though what I wished I had while working on this project was smaller clear or black rhinestones, since I cannot fill in any gaps caused by the bigger rhinestones. :/ It doesn't look too bad from far away however.

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