Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A Mostly Miscellaneous Haul (Plus Gifts!)

Hello everyone!

After the crazy shopping spree that I had gone through a month or so ago, I had been currently in a shopping "lull" to let my wallet have a slow but steady recovery. None-the-less, I did make a couple of purchases here and there, along with being given a couple of gifts from family! So without further ado, let's get rolling! This time there won't be a lot of clothes involved, surprisingly enough!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Hime Deco Storage Box

Hello everyone!

As I had mentioned in the corsage tutorial post, I had been working on a deco project on the side in addition to working on the corsage itself. I will now go over that particular project, which is in essence is just a fancy overdecorated box. I had decorated a box before a while back when my blog was still "new", but I have not done it up to this caliber until recently.

Why a box? Surely you might be wondering about that by now. Why waste time and effort on something so mundane when I could be doing something else, like say making more head bows. I do not know why, but I had been wanting to decorate a box for quite some time now, especially since I keep seeing a bunch of them lying around in the crafts aisle of Dollarama for very cheap prices. I had gotten the one that I had decorated for $3! Plus, boxes definitely make great storage containers, particularly prettified storage containers!

There will be no tutorial this time around. I believe decorating a box is quite straight forward. I did take some progress pictures as I was working through it however.

Before starting, I thought I would show off what my sister looked like on her graduation day! =^.^= I had glammed up the picture with a Purikura app called Kiradeco!

Isn't she so pretty? *_*

Here is the result of the deco transformation. 

Now for some progress pictures!

I noticed that even with two coats of paint, the marks on the front of the box still had shown through the paint as seen in the above picture. I think they were the remaining marks from the product sticker that used to be on there before. To solve this, I just simply cut out a felt heart to cover it. 

And there you have it! One of the many ways to glam up a plain wooden box! ^^   

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Corsage Tutorial

Hello everyone!

Unlike any craft or deco posts that I had done previously, today is going to be a surprise craft post. I actually did not plan out this project ahead of time at all. Instead, this was suggested to me two days ago by my sister, who is going to be graduating this upcoming Friday! I haven't actually created a corsage before, but given the nature of the request and the time constraint, I decided to give it a go!

As a note, I did not do any research beforehand on what constitutes a corsage. All of this was done "free form". Also, I am quite aware that corsages have stretch bands, but I had botched my attempt at making a lacey stretch band, so I turned it into a velcro clasp instead.

This took a little longer than expected, since I had another project that is a work-in-process at the time. I will show off that project for another post.

Here is what a typical corsage looks like:

Here is my version:

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