Saturday, 9 March 2013

A sweet post Valentine's haul

Hello everyone!

I had just gone through two midterms in a roll this past week, and never in my whole entire life did I feel so free after finishing them (though it did felt like a long battle during those two days, what with not being able to eat, sleep, or even shower right). Anyway, before any of the school work or other commitments builds up again for this upcoming week, I should get to work on updating asap!

Unfortunately with a busy schedule, one cannot really afford to go anywhere or have eventful social lives, so I don't really have any tutorial or craft posts in the making despite my passion for the arts and crafts building each day, but I can still post up what I had gotten the past two to three weeks.

I had also noticed from the comments and past posts that I have the tendency to make extremely long posts from the backlog, and therefore will try to limit those to make them easier to read. Sorry about that! ^^;

Without further ado, let's get started!

A little bit after Valentine's Day was over, I had quickly gone over to Walmart to see if they were still selling their huge heart pillows on clearance, particularly the ones with the word "Princess" on them with a crown. Usually regular retail price are dictated at $14 for a pillow, but they go down to $7 after Valentine's Day is over. I had really wanted one for quite some time, since I tried before and couldn't get them last year. Unfortunately, I still couldn't get them this year, which it seems like I never do, but I did end up walking away with a couple of cute things to compensate for my time searching.

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