Saturday, 20 August 2011

Deco Post - Full Length Mirror

Hello everyone!

For a while now I had been working on a project that unexpectedly took me a while to finish. Fortunately I am now finished with the project and it's now ready to be presented. :) The funny thing is, the reason that this project took me several days to finish is because of the lack of creativity and inspiration (say what now?). Yes, even after browsing through tons of hime decorating videos on youtube, such as this or even this.

Anyway, enough about my blabbering. Onward with the pictures, starting with the before picture!



Here are the close ups of the corner deco:

Upper right

Basically for this corner, I glued two small pink roses onto the bigger rose, which I glued onto the mirror. I also glued on a pink rabbit deco piece, a big pink bow that I had made out of silk ribbon, a strand of pearls, and some leftover lace that I still had from the previous alarm clock modification project. I kept the strand of pearls from falling apart or breaking by tying both ends into a tight enough knot to prevent the pearls from slipping through. In addition, I glued some bigger lace behind everything so to make it look like a "frame". 

Upper left

For this corner, I got the inspiration from lolita bows in general and made the bow out of fabric. What I did was I cut out two rectangles, folded them in half, and sewn the two halves together. I then sewn the two rectangles together after folding an "accordion" shape with the two rectangles, making it have a bow shape. I basically did the same thing with the middle part, only that it's more like a long strip of fabric rather than a rectangle. The lace was a last minute idea and therefore it was only glued on the back of the bow. After that being done, the whole thing was glued onto the mirror.

Lower right

By far, this corner had the least amount of work done. All I just did for this corner was just gluing the rest of the leftover pink dotted lace onto the edges and adding matching bows onto both ends to cover up the "chopped up" parts.

Lower left

What I did for this corners was I glued two small pink roses behind a pink bow, which I glued onto the mirror in addition with the puffy pink heart. Notice how I twisted the small roses a little bit so that they "pop" or appear more 3D. As for the bigger rose in the corner, I made that rose with pink silk ribbon (the same ribbon that I used to make the big bow in the upper right corner) and with the semi help of a ribbon rose tutorial video. Just like with the upper right corner, I glued some bigger lace behind everything to add a sort of "frame".

The rest are just two white bows that I took off a pair of shoe clips and glued onto both sides of the mirror. I hope this helps if you ever feel a need to deco your own mirror. I noticed that Caylee of Like Candy Floss had recently decorated her hand mirror so be sure to check hers out. It is very princessy now. 

There is no doubt that we need more deco in the world. ^^ What have you been deco-ing lately?


  1. This is so cute :D good job the miror now looks great

  2. Wow! It's gorgeous! ;u;
    Your deco always turns out so lovely ♥

  3. @Caylee ★ Thank you! Your deco is very pretty as well. <3

  4. Waah it looks amazing ^^ so much cute detail! :)


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