Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Strapya World order, Sirens crazy shopping excursions, and outfit shots!

Hello everyone!

We are now heading into the month of February and I am frankly quite amazed at how fast the whole entire time session is progressing at. One blink of an eye and we have gone from January to February in what feels like no amount of time at all!

Earlier on during the month of January, I had placed an order at Strapya World, for what I felt, had been my most expensive purchase at the website as of now. While looking through my Facebook news feed, I had come across this very adorable bunny bag charm that had just recently been released. Interestingly enough, the little bunny goes by the name of Petit Trianon, which is a small cheateau located on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. Usually I don't buy new releases for anything, let alone phone or bag charms, but this particular seems too cute to pass up (despite the hefty price tag of $21). So I ended up buying it along with a couple of items that my sister had wanted to get from the site, which consisted of a Sentimental Circus Mouton plush phone cleaner and a Manpuku-kun plush to go with the Juju-chan plush that was previously ordered.

Of course, a 10% discount helps a little bit in the purchasing process.

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