Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Tale of Two Glasses... and A Glasses Review

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived two glasses named Monokuro and Boo...

Eh... not really. There are two glasses, but they are not Monokuro and Boo (I believe that those names are reserved for those two monochrome pigs). I also believe that they don't live lives that are commonly found in fairy tales, but it was worth a try right? Especially since I have just noticed that I had been posting "Hello everyone!" upfront for each post lately and that's getting boring and tasteless. Anyway, you are probably wondering why I am posting about my glasses of all things. Well after a week or two of straight crafting, I decided to give myself a break and post a "review" of sorts on these two new glasses that I had just recently bought. Ever since that ClearlyContacts fiasco (long story short: the glasses didn't fit :/), I have been on the hunt for a nice decent pair of glasses. I have finally found them, but what I did not expect was that I would buy not one but two glasses.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Craft Post - Headband Holder Part 2

Hello everyone!

Just like what the title suggested, this is the continuation to the previous post that I had made on the headband holder. Originally, I had decided to just leave the headband holder as is and move on to other projects until I feel like modifying it or working on it again, but the state of the holder was bugging me, since the edges didn't look nice at ALL and the thought would not leave me alone until I had fixed them. I then decided to get off my lazy buttocks and continue working on the headband holder. Come to think about it, I must have had been very lazy in the first part, since the only thing that was even remotely "important" was just sewing the two edges of fabric together. Anyway, onto part two!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Craft Post - Headband Holder

Hello everyone,

I had solved the problem with the necklace displays tipping forward by adding more cardboard onto the back. (A little obvious but yeah... not so obvious for me... ^^;)

I am currently on a crafting streak right now along with my seemingly never-ending goal to have my room fully cleaned, so expect a series of blog posts relating to crafting :D! This post will be focusing on how I made my headband holder (or should I say, headband cover). Plus, my headbands are in need of a new home and it is annoying to have to go through thousands upon thousands of headbands in a black box while trying to find a specific kind. Now I will say this upfront and that is I am still mediocre at sewing. My sewing is not the best so expect some "shoddy" work (but it's still effective in terms of what I wanted it to do so I'm happy with it). At first I tried looking around to see if there were any tutorials on throw pillows covers (pillows that looks like giant sausages), but I couldn't find any so I decided to settle on making my own or at least try to. Without further ado, onto the headband holder!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Craft Post - Necklace Display

Hello everyone.

Last night I had decided to make a necklace display (yes, the very same necklace display that are commonly found in jewelry stores). I admit that I had been meaning to make something like this for a long while now, ever since I had bought some hime necklaces from Taobao. Said necklaces are currently lying on my work table, which at the moment is cluttered with junk -.- (got to clean that up and also explains why one of my photos show clutter in the background) and it doesn't help much that my necklace wall is already full of previous necklaces that I had accumulated overtime.  Well come to think about it, I guess I could take the hard way out by just hanging my hime necklaces on my already-full necklace wall and just switching them when it comes time to change necklaces, but I will probably find that annoying and the necklaces are just too pretty to just hang on the wall :/.

Going a little off-topic here, one of my lifelong goals (or what seems to be lifelong goals) is to have a princess-like room that is also like a shop. In other words, just think of it as a Jesus Diamante shop but in a room format. I got the shop idea from my sister, who apparently made it her lifelong goal to raid my closet and steal rent my clothes xD. The idea got stuck in my head ever since and hence the obsession with making a necklace display (so to display my pretty hime necklaces <3).

Now with that over and done with, I won't bore you anymore with my rambling and get straight to the good stuff!  Keep in mind that this is how I did my necklace display, so it is not the right exact way to make a necklace display. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Makeup Bag and Glasses Order Gone Wrong

Hello everyone.

Sorry for the late post. I had been too busy lately with going to places, mainly going with family (it seems that my mom has a small peeve with staying indoors for too long). There has never been a time where I am home long enough to post something (well I guess there are those times, but they are usually so short that I would do something else other than post such as surf the web, yup I'm weird...). Anyway, onward with the post!

A few days ago, there was this special promotion going on at the Bay where basically you buy a whole lot of stuff equaling a specified amount found on the advertisement and you can pick which lovely things that you want to take home as a giveaway. In addition, the price gets lowered as well, but it is the giveaway that makes up most of it. My mom had bought three Shiseido skincare products and the lady gave her three gift bags, which she gave one of them to me:

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Free Eyewear (somewhat) and Big Taobao Review

Hello! ^^

Quite a lovely day today. The sun is shining and there was even a little bit of rain earlier (there is always a little bit of rain/snow where I live, no matter how much sun there is -.-). Anyway, I am quite anxious and excited to do this review, since almost all (if not all) of the items that I got are hime-related! :D Before I get to the review however, I want to mention this awesome eyeglasses giveaway that I had found on Facebook a few nights ago (only applies to those that live in Canada though :/). Just to sum it up, the company that is doing the giveaway, Clearlycontacts, is (was, depending on what time you read this post) giving away 10,000 eyeglasses free of charge, though not including shipping and handling (which is a given). I found this hard to believe at first, but it turns out to be legitimate, since there were previous giveaways that were just like this one and the code provided actually works. I had already placed my order on these glasses and it should arrive on May 12, 2011. Unlike other free ones however, I paid extra to get my lens upgraded, since the standard lens that are free did not correspond with my subscription :(. Oh well, $41 something dollars is still a good deal for a pair of glasses no? At least compared to the $100+ ones that I usually find in malls.

Anyway, onward to the review! I had actually ordered on Taobao a while ago before I had started my blog. It took about a month to get all the items together (it was a large order) and about a week to get it all to Canada. I used Taobaospree for my order and they were very nice and handled my questions mostly well (they didn't answer all of my questions, but that is possibly due to not understanding English well). A con to using the service is that I usually have to ask for updates every time. Anyway, the total cost came to about around $219.79 USD and the shipping cost is $97.30 USD, though I only need to pay $80 since 2 of my items got cancelled. Everything came in this huge box that reaches up to my knees (and I'm a tall person so it is huge) and everything inside was wrapped in plastic bags. Here are the items that I had ordered:

WARNING: Long Taobao review ahead as well as lots of pictures.

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