Thursday, 25 August 2011

Four Lovely Blog Awards

Hello everyone!

Miss Lita of her lovely blog (which can be found here) was kind enough to give me not just one but four lovely blog awards. The first one that she gave me was this one:

Award link: Here.

Here are the other ones that she gave me later on:

Award link: Here.

Since the rules are almost the same for each of them, I decided to include all the awards in one post and post it as just that, one post. 

- Link back to the person who gave you the award. 
- Complete the form below.
- Tell seven random things about yourself.
- Nominate fifteen bloggers.

Questions Form:

1. Name your favourite colour. 
Purple (and pink, if applicable). 

2. Name your favourite song. 
As of now, I Hate You by 2NE1.

3. Name your favourite dessert. 
Cake of course.

4. What pisses you off?
Certain know-it-alls. People who swear every two sentences (hate hearing swear words in general, especially the "f word"). Cheaters. Fakes. :/

5. When your upset you...
I'll probably go on a little rampage and then go to my room and try to cool down (this usually involves a little silent treatment). Will definitely forget about it within a few days.

6. Your favourite pet?
Rabbits. They are just so fluffy and cute. :3 Though fish are a close second. 

7. Black or white? 
Both, since I can't decide. Need both to have a healthy balance anyway. 

8. Your biggest fear?
Horror movies. 

9. Your best feature?

10. Everyday attitude?
Nice and content. 

11. What is perfection? 
Being perfect? O-o 

12. Guilty pleasure?
As of now, listening to this song (no thanks to my sister, who got me hooked onto it -_-). Surprisingly enough, it's catchy. 

Seven random things about myself:

1. I get guilt tripped easily. In fact, too easily. This also usually happens every time I turn someone's offer down. 

2. I love dinosaurs. Mention a theme park, museum, or even a zoo and I'm there (well not literally, but you get the point). Yes I am serious about the zoo, even though they are not alive... On second thought, maybe it's best that they are just animatronics...   

3. I love playing video games in general, but my most favourite are role playing games. So addicting... 

4. I have an obsession with mirrors. Full length mirrors, hand mirrors, desk mirrors, decorative mirrors. You name it, I probably got it. xD Don't know why or how this obsession got developed, but you got to admit that they are pretty...

5. I have a tendency to continuously buy craft supplies, even when I don't need it right now or might not need it in the future. It might also be why I tend to favour bulk orders... Anyway, I tend to call this an "emergency preparation". :)  I mean you may never know right?

6. Whenever I get brand new stuff in the mail or from the local mall, I tend to keep them in their original packaging for a few days. I mainly do this for blogging purposes, but other reasons is just plain habit. I try to keep them as brand new as possible for some odd reason. ._.; 

7. I love movies, especially those of the action/adventure genre such as any superhero movies. 

Now for the fifteen fabulous bloggers:

- Sasha of Bears and Bows 
- Rose of Hime Lolita Life 
- Caylee of Like Candy Floss 
- Kristen of Princessly Living 
- Mana of Starre Princess
- Adorably Clueless Me
- Chanel of Rainbow Jelly
- Alina/Black Sui of Sui Princess
- Violet of Violet LeBeaux - Tales of an Ingenue

Phew. That was a lot of bloggers. @_@

Anyway, congratulations to all those who received the award!

Also, please go check out Lita's blog and her awesome photos! Thank you! ^^    


  1. Yeey you did it :) you really deserve them all ^^ your blog is really lovely to read ^^ and yeey 2ne1-hate you is awesome :)

  2. @Lita Aww thanks! It means a lot to hear that. <3 I like looking at your photos. It's so clear. *_*

  3. im on there! thankyou so much Q.Q im so glad you had these awards, you wouldve been on my list anyway as i love your blog! congratulations ^^

  4. @The Glass Princess Your welcome! ^^ You are a nice person and I love your blog so you deserve it! Congratulations as well! ;D Your outfits are awesome!

  5. Congratulations to you too and thank for all the comments you're very nice, I'm glad to know you :)

  6. @Emmanuella Thank you! I like your blog so keep at it! ^^


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