Sunday, 28 August 2011

Fireworks and eBay False Eyelash Haul

Hello everyone!

Last Sunday night there were some fireworks going on outside of my house. I didn't really know what the occasion was for last week, but they were really pretty and sparkly. They were a bit far from my house, but not too far where I can't see them. Here are some of the pictures that I managed to get:

I apologize if the quality seems a bit blurry, since these photos were taken from a distance. 

Anyway, onto the haul. A few days ago (two days ago to be precise), the false eyelashes that I had ordered from eBay had came in :). I had ordered ten pairs of both upper and lower eyelashes along with two eyelash glue. The first package that came in contained the upper lashes and it came in a thick brown paper-like package. There was also another package that came in that contained the eyelash glue, since I bought both from the same seller.

Both sets of eyelashes and the two eyelash glue cost around $2 each, which is pretty much a good price for a pack of eyelashes, including the glue. They are definitely cheaper than the single pairs found in local stores like Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart, which cost around $4 or even $7! Now I have seen those special bulk sales on eBay where you can buy essentially six packs of ten pairs of different styles of eyelashes for under $10, glue included and I didn't want to get those because I've noticed how dramatic some of the lashes can be. Those lashes are a bit too dramatic for my tastes ^^; (was looking for simple natural ones when starting out).     

This is the box that the upper lashes came in as. When I first pulled it out of its package, the box was already a bit squished. While I was waiting for the lashes in the mail, I was expecting the box to be the standard blue and white design, but I was pleasantly surprised at the design.

Here are the lashes themselves. Even though the box got squished in transit, the lashes surprisingly made it here intact. As you can see, no broken or fallen lashes found anywhere in the box, but that might be from the support base that the lashes are glued on.

A closeup of the lashes. Apparently these lashes are style 059. ^^;

The two eyelash glue. When I had ordered just one of the glue, the product came in as two pieces. I did hear that Eye Charm glue isn't actually eyelash glue, but rather it is a special glue used to create double eyelids. I bought it anyway, since I'm pretty sure that it will work for eyelashes as well (they advertised it like that anyway >.>).

Little note from seller

The next package that came in was the ten pairs of lower lashes. The lashes came in this flimsy thin white bag-like package. I got these from a different seller.  What I found funny or ironic about the package was that it had a "fragile" sign on it, but the package isn't exactly made for fragile products. It was flimsy and thin after all. 

The "fragile" sign on the package


Here is the box that the lower lashes came in as. Unlike the other box of lashes, this one didn't get squished at all, which is really surprising. 

Here are the lashes themselves. For those who are interested in the style, they are style 030.

  A closeup of the lashes. I'm glad that all of them made it through transit! ^^

...well almost all of them... -.-

A note from the seller
And that is my eyelash haul! ^^ Oh yeah, due to the recent huge beauty and cosmetic hauls that I had been doing lately and them accumulating in a huge pile in the corner, I need to figure out a way on storing these. I don't actually have a vanity so it will be a bit difficult, but I'm sure I'll be able to think of something. Until then, take care everyone!


  1. oh i desperately need to buy some new lower lashes! dollywink are so expensive though :( maybe ill search ebay too ^^

  2. @The Glass Princess You should! eBay is definitely a go-to place for those on a budget or just generally looking for cheap things. ^^

  3. Pretty firework pictures ^^

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