Monday, 23 September 2013

Renmants of a past summer and some fashion contemplations

Hello everyone!

School had officially started for me about a two weeks ago, and ever since then I had not been able to create one blog post during that time frame! I will not guarantee that I will be able to have a stable blogging schedule, but I will definitely try my best to release a blog post during any free time that I might have had.

Also as a note, I would like to share some contemplations with you all at the end of the blog post in regards to my latest fashion choices.

First off, during the last month of summer heading right into the school month of September, I had worn the outfit on the right. Up until that time, I had not gotten the chance to wear this particular dress and I was so happy to have finally done so. As for the outfit on the left, congratulations! You are now looking at what I wore on the first day of school! ^^

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