Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Makeup Haul

Hello everyone,

I am going to go ahead and say that I honestly don't know a lot about makeup. It got to a point where every time I make one of my (rare) trips to the cosmetic aisle of any store, I would stare at the vast amounts of foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush, bronzer, etc. with a clueless expression on my face and rather than focusing on finding which brand I prefer or even which one I think is better drugstore quality, I instead go through each and every brand found in the store and then leave afterwards because I couldn't make up my mind. Of course I do go through reviews once in a while, but then when I get back to the cosmetic department I would forget everything that I had reviewed. It is a very irritating process and it doesn't do much in terms of my progress on becoming a himegyaru, but I won't let that stop me! I then decided to go down the "trial and error" path. When one think about it, it makes common sense since everyone's skin is different and therefore different products work for different people. So having that set in my mind, I bought some makeup to try yesterday. At first I didn't plan on buying anymore than a certain eyeshadow palette that I had been eyeing, but well... plans change...

Claires Spring Bloom Eyeshadow Palette 


Colours (from left to right): White, light pink, dark pink, and brown.

Colours (from left to right): Light grey, lavender, dark grey, and black.

Location: Claires
Price: $8.00 CDN each (Buy 1 get 1 50% off promotion leads to one being $4.00 CDN), $12.00 CDN total
Thoughts: As you can tell by my previous haul post, I went to Claires before and I didn't get the palette then because I wasn't convinced (and I assumed that the makeup quality is awful) and just only got the scarf. Eventually I got both warm and cool tone colours, thanks to watching Piinkstrawberii's Princess Haul video. I get suckered into buying things too easily, especially when the packaging or the design is just too cute ><! On a serious note, I really do think that the packaging is very sweet looking and I might save these for potential storage ideas. The colours don't look bad and just like what Phiphi said, they look like gems, a cute perk. I haven't actually opened them up yet to get a feel for them, but I might do that in the form of a review post. Of course the cover and the container feels like cheap plastic, but that's to be expected when buying makeup from Claires. My mind is still skeptical about the make up quality, but it's one of those things where you have to test it to find out. Who knows, I might be surprised in the end and coming from someone who has barely any makeup experience, there is nothing to lose. It is probably good beginner makeup for me anyway. xD

Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eye Pencil Black Onyx

Location: Shoppers Drug Mart
Price: $7.99 (got it for $4.99 on sale)
Thoughts: Every hime needs to have an eyeliner and what better beginner eyeliner than the one by Covergirl, at least that's what the sales lady told me when it comes to good beginner makeup in general. ^^; I figured that since these eyeliners were on sale at the time, why not? 

Almay Eye Makeup Remover 

Location: Shoppers Drug Mart
Price: $7.99 (got it for $6.99 on sale)
Thoughts: My mom gave me some sample makeup a while back and I would've start practicing by now if it weren't for the lack of eye makeup remover. Hence, a trip to the drug store is in order. I ended up getting the Almay one because it is oil free and supposely made from aloe, cucumber, and green tea, making it 100% fragrance free. Actually they have two kinds: one that moisturizes and one that's oil free. I generally have oily skin most of the time so I got oil free. 
That's all I got from this haul. Hopefully I will use the products often enough to get up a review. Take care!

Friday, 29 July 2011

Just a Short Shopping Haul...

Hello everyone!

It has been a while since I went shopping (locally), so I have decided to post a small "haul" (if it could even be called a haul xD). Here are the stuff I got:

 Floral Lace Casual Scarf

Location: Claires
Price: $18.25 CDN (with 50% off changes to $9.09 CDN) 
Thoughts: At first I was debating on getting this scarf. I didn't really like the floral pattern found on the scarf, since I am usually picky with my floral patterns. Turns out that I got it anyway since I did not have a floral scarf yet (which is surprising) and it is half lace! How can I say no to that? *_*

Studio C Royal Twist Planner

Location: Walmart
Price: $4.97 CDN
Thoughts: Turns out that Walmart is already having their back to school sale when I visited there, which is fortunate for me since I needed to buy a new planner for the upcoming school year. No planners "popped out" at me when I was looking through the rack until I found this one and fell in love. <3 Goodbye 2010-2011 planner and hello 2011-2012 planner!

  Miscellaneous Craft Supplies

The rest of the haul consists of craft supplies, like the lace and ribbon in the above picture and some cotton pads, since I needed some to remove some leftover polish on my nail. 
Not really much of a haul, but it's still none-the-less a haul. ^^;

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Craft/Deco Post - Alarm Clock Modification

Hello everyone,

Here at long last is the finished "hime-fied" alarm clock that makes up the third and last part of my three main craft/post modification series. Now this does not instantly mean that I will not be making anymore craft/post modification items, it just means that I have finished up the three items that I had planned on modifying from the start (which are the lamp, line phone, and alarm clock). I will try to think up of more things that I could craft/post modify in the meantime. ^^;

Anyway, throughout most of the summer season, I have been pulling a Violet LeBeaux and not spending more than I have to, though I definitely make an exception when it comes to crafting stuff. xD Can't get enough of the crafting stuff. So I figured that since it is nearing August, I would treat myself for spending less and what better way to treat myself than to browse around on Fullmoon! I had managed to buy some things, but will keep it a surprise until they get here. ;) Don't want to ruin the surprise after all.

Now for the alarm clock modification. Just to let you know, there won't be only one picture like the others but rather three. This is because of the clock's extra dials on the side -.- It doesn't help much either that the clock is square in shape and therefore makes it harder to get all of the sides:


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Craft/Deco Post - Phone Modification

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry for the late post. A lot of recent events and things had happened along with working on the project, which I have to admit took longer than expected. I had just recently started working at a receptionist job, making my schedule a bit more hectic. In addition, I got back into playing this online role-playing game that I had played for a while now. Before, I just used to play it casually (a few days a week) and now it's definitely way more than that. Must be a sign that my addiction is returning? </3 ^^; Like I had said, the project itself took longer than expected due to me working on it for a few minutes and taking a break the rest of the hour. Also, unlike previous projects that I had worked on, the rhinestone arrangement were actually placed in an organized and planned matter *gasp*! Anyway, enough about me, it is time to blog about the project (which in this case is the phone and no I am not referring to the cell phone). Enjoy! 

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Craft/Deco Post - Lamp Modification

Hello everyone!

I had meant to post this last Wednesday, but that dreaded Error 400 message popped up. -.- Oh Blogger *sigh*...  

Anyway, for a while now I had wanted to modify the following: lamp, clock, and telephone. I am quite aware that in my seemingly never-ending quest to get a room fit for a princess I will need to make some modifications to some of the current things in my room, such as the items that had been mentioned above. I decided to work on the lamp first:

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