Sunday, 31 July 2011

A Makeup Haul

Hello everyone,

I am going to go ahead and say that I honestly don't know a lot about makeup. It got to a point where every time I make one of my (rare) trips to the cosmetic aisle of any store, I would stare at the vast amounts of foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush, bronzer, etc. with a clueless expression on my face and rather than focusing on finding which brand I prefer or even which one I think is better drugstore quality, I instead go through each and every brand found in the store and then leave afterwards because I couldn't make up my mind. Of course I do go through reviews once in a while, but then when I get back to the cosmetic department I would forget everything that I had reviewed. It is a very irritating process and it doesn't do much in terms of my progress on becoming a himegyaru, but I won't let that stop me! I then decided to go down the "trial and error" path. When one think about it, it makes common sense since everyone's skin is different and therefore different products work for different people. So having that set in my mind, I bought some makeup to try yesterday. At first I didn't plan on buying anymore than a certain eyeshadow palette that I had been eyeing, but well... plans change...

Claires Spring Bloom Eyeshadow Palette 


Colours (from left to right): White, light pink, dark pink, and brown.

Colours (from left to right): Light grey, lavender, dark grey, and black.

Location: Claires
Price: $8.00 CDN each (Buy 1 get 1 50% off promotion leads to one being $4.00 CDN), $12.00 CDN total
Thoughts: As you can tell by my previous haul post, I went to Claires before and I didn't get the palette then because I wasn't convinced (and I assumed that the makeup quality is awful) and just only got the scarf. Eventually I got both warm and cool tone colours, thanks to watching Piinkstrawberii's Princess Haul video. I get suckered into buying things too easily, especially when the packaging or the design is just too cute ><! On a serious note, I really do think that the packaging is very sweet looking and I might save these for potential storage ideas. The colours don't look bad and just like what Phiphi said, they look like gems, a cute perk. I haven't actually opened them up yet to get a feel for them, but I might do that in the form of a review post. Of course the cover and the container feels like cheap plastic, but that's to be expected when buying makeup from Claires. My mind is still skeptical about the make up quality, but it's one of those things where you have to test it to find out. Who knows, I might be surprised in the end and coming from someone who has barely any makeup experience, there is nothing to lose. It is probably good beginner makeup for me anyway. xD

Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eye Pencil Black Onyx

Location: Shoppers Drug Mart
Price: $7.99 (got it for $4.99 on sale)
Thoughts: Every hime needs to have an eyeliner and what better beginner eyeliner than the one by Covergirl, at least that's what the sales lady told me when it comes to good beginner makeup in general. ^^; I figured that since these eyeliners were on sale at the time, why not? 

Almay Eye Makeup Remover 

Location: Shoppers Drug Mart
Price: $7.99 (got it for $6.99 on sale)
Thoughts: My mom gave me some sample makeup a while back and I would've start practicing by now if it weren't for the lack of eye makeup remover. Hence, a trip to the drug store is in order. I ended up getting the Almay one because it is oil free and supposely made from aloe, cucumber, and green tea, making it 100% fragrance free. Actually they have two kinds: one that moisturizes and one that's oil free. I generally have oily skin most of the time so I got oil free. 
That's all I got from this haul. Hopefully I will use the products often enough to get up a review. Take care!


  1. Hey! Those eyeshadow palettes look like Jill Stuart's palettes! I mean, even down to the way they pressed the eyeshadow into that design! I doubt they're as strongly pigmented, though. I haven't owned anything from Claire's, but I have bought makeup from their sister company Icing. The only one you can really see easily is their black and silver colors (and I can't even use the silver, as it's not a good color on me, lol), and I really have to layer everything to make the other colors show up.

    If you have really oily skin, another good product to invest in is Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It keeps the eyeshadow from forming into creases. It takes a little practice to work with it, because it can be hard to do more complex techniques with it, but since you're a beginner, I doubt you'll be using 8 different eyeshadows at once, lol. It's kind of expensive, but it'll last a long time, since a little bit is all you need.

    Have you gotten any makeup brushes yet?

  2. @Aimiya I just did a google search and your right! They really do look like Jill Stuart's palettes! (Actually now come to think of it, that's what Phiphi said as well in her video) They looked pigmented in the video so we'll see.

    Thank you for the suggestion. I heard that was good too so I might get it once I know my way around makeup more.

    No I haven't. The brushes that I had been planning on getting were those Ecotools, since I heard that they were good and I found good reviews on them. None of the stores that I had been to had a complete brush set though. :/ So I might have to get another set.


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