Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Craft/Deco Post - Phone Modification

Hello everyone!

I am so sorry for the late post. A lot of recent events and things had happened along with working on the project, which I have to admit took longer than expected. I had just recently started working at a receptionist job, making my schedule a bit more hectic. In addition, I got back into playing this online role-playing game that I had played for a while now. Before, I just used to play it casually (a few days a week) and now it's definitely way more than that. Must be a sign that my addiction is returning? </3 ^^; Like I had said, the project itself took longer than expected due to me working on it for a few minutes and taking a break the rest of the hour. Also, unlike previous projects that I had worked on, the rhinestone arrangement were actually placed in an organized and planned matter *gasp*! Anyway, enough about me, it is time to blog about the project (which in this case is the phone and no I am not referring to the cell phone). Enjoy! 

Materials used:
- ribbon
- lace
- deco pieces (rhinestones/pearls/plastic parts/gems)
- scissors
- glue (Gemtac)
- glue gun
- tweezers
- toothpick
- bows
- phone

First off I started with decorating the phone receiver first. This I guess would be where the "craft" portion of the project would start. I started gluing on some pink ribbon. This is the same ribbon that I had used on one of the headbands that I had made a while back.

I then glued on some lace around the ribbon to make it look more pretty and hide the edges that the ribbon hadn't covered.

I added matching bows to both ends of the receiver. ^^; Or is it TOO matching? The bows really did blend in with the surrounding lace... 

That was the end of the craft portion. Now this is where the "deco" portion of the project came in. Like I had mentioned before, some of the rhinestone arrangements were actually planned, such as this stage. I basically lined the clear rhinestones around the caller ID screen and along the line that was near the middle of the phone.  I did this because I don't want the whole entire phone being pink and decided to add a little bit of variety in the form of clear rhinestones. Plus, to make the screen and lining stand out.

I then added some pink rhinestones along the top buttons that was after the caller ID screen... 

And continued on around the options bar. Notice how the result looks almost like a box? I didn't cover the options bar with pink rhinestones since I planned on adding something else in there.

That something else is nothing but pearls and other deco pieces! Turned out that it was a little hard trying not to cover up the wording inside the bar due to the size of the pearls and I ended up covering a little bit of the wording anyway. Like what I did with the clear rhinestones, the pearls served as a form of variety and it looked nicer with pearls rather than pink rhinestones.

I continued adding pink rhinestones around the top part of the phone along with a few more deco pieces here and there. 

It was at the bottom part of the phone that I was stuck on what to do with. I ran out of inspiration at this point. Also at this point, my lazy side got to the best of me and I had decided to cover the outer part with lace so I didn't have to cover the outside with pink rhinestones. xD In addition I added some pearls and a gem for more variety. 

Filled the rest of the space with (you guessed it) pink rhinestones.

And I'm done! :) A refreshing change from the drab white phone that I usually see on a daily basis, since it is right beside my bed. Here's a recap:



I will be working on the alarm clock next.


  1. OMG I was right about you doing that phone and clock of yours. Wow. Haha, I can't help but picture a bedroom suitable for a princess at the end of all this transformation.

  2. @Wiz Gurl :D Definitely going to be a room fit for a princess after I'm done haha.

  3. Cuttteee!~ I wish I had more things to deco like that (>u< Do you think you'll deco the rest of the receiver or leave it plain? It would be super cute with a big deco'd heart in the middle or something (>u< Gosh, so cute!~

  4. @Princess Gigglesnort Thank you! ^^

    I will probably just leave it plain, since I can't think up of what to put in the middle without it looking all "awkward". Come to think about it, the design on the receiver looks like one of those rectangular headdresses that lolitas used to wear. xD

  5. Hi Sweety!
    Thank U for lot of nice comm.
    Your blog is so cute.
    I will visit U often :)
    Have a nice day!

  6. @Rose Thank you for the nice comments Rose. ^^ I love your blog too! All pink and girly <3. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  7. Wow it looks pretty! I'm always hesitant to deco larger things like this because of all the rhinestones it takes xD

  8. @Pearl Thank you! I don't actually use this phone anymore, but it came in handy back when I was using it and it made for a nice room decoration at the same time!

    I find that when it comes to deco-ing larger items, an easier method is to use large gems as well as small rhinestones so to help fill up the gap faster.


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