Saturday, 2 July 2011

Craft/Deco Post - Lamp Modification

Hello everyone!

I had meant to post this last Wednesday, but that dreaded Error 400 message popped up. -.- Oh Blogger *sigh*...  

Anyway, for a while now I had wanted to modify the following: lamp, clock, and telephone. I am quite aware that in my seemingly never-ending quest to get a room fit for a princess I will need to make some modifications to some of the current things in my room, such as the items that had been mentioned above. I decided to work on the lamp first:

Materials used:
- fabric 
- scissors
- glue gun
- ribbon (I didn't glue it on the lamp so it's optional)
- lace 
- bows
- deco parts
- glue (Gemtac)
- tweezers (not shown)
- toothpick (not shown)
- ruler
- iron (not shown) 
- thread (not shown)
- needle (not shown)
- lamp 

I apologize for the blurry pictures. My camera doesn't like taking good close-up pictures -.-.

First I had measured and cut out the amount of fabric needed to cover up the black part that's covering the light tube. 

I then covered all the choppy edges except for the top with pink lace. 

I found just only covering up the edge with pink lace was a bit boring so I had decided to add a bow to each corner in the front. 

This is where the deco portion had started and where most of the tedious work had been done. Lots of deco...

And more deco...

And more deco...

And you guessed it. MORE deco!

And finished! Definitely looks much better and prettier than before. Just for a recap:




  1. Beautiful! It looks much prettier than before. <3 So far the only thing I've deco'd is my camera (to my dad's dismay. He says it's blinding xD), but this gives me ideas for my room too.

  2. @Caylee ★ I say go for it! :D The sky's the limit after all. Thank you for the compliment! ^^ Glad to hear that I gave you some ideas.

  3. I like to see a future post on the transformation of your room. Man that lamp look ancient, by ancient I mean it look like its from the seventies. Good work.

  4. @Wiz Gurl Well if you mean a far future transformation, you are going to have to wait. Once I am done with all the decor crafting, I will be taking a final shot of my room ^^

    The lamp IS ancient. I had it for a long while.

    Thank you.

  5. That's so clever! And so cute~

  6. such beautiful work! ive loved deco for quite a while and seeing your beautiful posts is definitely inspiring me!

  7. @The Glass Princess Thank you! ^^ Glad to hear that. I can't wait to see your deco.

  8. U make such a lovely decorations!

  9. When I saw that first shot of the "before" lamp, I just knew this was going to be super awesome, and I was right! I love the lace around the edge of the top part and those big sparklies at the bottom. Super cute. ^__^


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