Saturday, 23 July 2011

Craft/Deco Post - Alarm Clock Modification

Hello everyone,

Here at long last is the finished "hime-fied" alarm clock that makes up the third and last part of my three main craft/post modification series. Now this does not instantly mean that I will not be making anymore craft/post modification items, it just means that I have finished up the three items that I had planned on modifying from the start (which are the lamp, line phone, and alarm clock). I will try to think up of more things that I could craft/post modify in the meantime. ^^;

Anyway, throughout most of the summer season, I have been pulling a Violet LeBeaux and not spending more than I have to, though I definitely make an exception when it comes to crafting stuff. xD Can't get enough of the crafting stuff. So I figured that since it is nearing August, I would treat myself for spending less and what better way to treat myself than to browse around on Fullmoon! I had managed to buy some things, but will keep it a surprise until they get here. ;) Don't want to ruin the surprise after all.

Now for the alarm clock modification. Just to let you know, there won't be only one picture like the others but rather three. This is because of the clock's extra dials on the side -.- It doesn't help much either that the clock is square in shape and therefore makes it harder to get all of the sides:


Materials used:
- alarm clock
- deco pieces like rhinestones/plastic parts/gems/etc. 
- ribbons
- bows
- little stuffed animals
- lace
- scissors
- glue (Gemtac)
- glue gun 
- toothpicks
- tweezers 

WARNING: Picture amounts ahead are substantially more than the amount of pictures in an average post. 

First, I started off with lining up four gems that had rotating shades of pink. At first, I couldn't decide on where to start but then I figured that I would start off with decorating the top front section (where all the buttons and sliding buttons are found) first and then make my way to the back. 

I then filled out the rest of the space with pink rhinestones while at the same time trying not to cover up the words.

I kept adding the bigger gems around the row of green buttons until I roughly got a rectangle like the one above.

Meanwhile I didn't want the side dials to get neglected so I decorated them too with pink gems and rhinestones. ^^

Whoa! Almost ten hours had passed ever since I had begun this project and from the looks of things, not much progress has been done. You are probably wondering about that or I'm guessing you are. ^^; Well when it comes to deco projects like these, it usually takes me a while to finish because I carefully plan out my design. No seriously. I really plan out my designs straight to the smallest detail. Like I had mentioned in my About Me section of the blog, I'm more of a thinker rather than a do-er. I can't help but go over something and think about whether or not doing this-and-this would be better than doing that. Usually this thinking process can go on for hours and hours and it would get tedious, even for me. Of course being lazy is part of it too. Laziness gets the best of everybody.

Anyway, I added lace around the "face" of the clock.

I glued on some ruffled dark pink ribbon around the back of the clock to give it more colour.

While gluing it around the back, I noticed a slight problem with a certain dial. Fortunately, I cut a small circle in the ribbon around the dial so to prevent it from overlapping.

There is what the other side looked like.  Nothing much except for the pink ruffled ribbon. Yet...

I still had some leftover lace from wrapping it around the face of the clock. So I had decided to use some to cover up the spaces that are above and below the big dial.

Time to bring out the big lace. Using the big lace, I glued it underneath the existing lace to form an overlapping or cascading pattern.  But then again, I guess it is only cascading if you look sideways ^^;.

...and repeat...

In addition to covering up the sides, I also covered up the top and apparently the pink ruffled ribbon as well. 

I kept going on the other side. Just like with the ribbon, the big dial also got in the way of the big lace (Haha big dial vs big lace). Fortunately that could be easily fixed with cutting the lace at the point where the lace meets the dial and then finishing the rest with gluing the lace around the dial and finally on the bottom. I guess not cutting it would work just as well, but I think that the lace might had been a little scrunched up around that area. 

Now it's time to glue on the decorations. I guess this was the part where I went all-out with the hime clock. A felt dotted heart, a cloth flower, a small pink teddy bear, and two bows. :D 

Remember the empty space that was in between the two layers of lace on the dial side? I filled it in with rhinestones, gems, and a rare pearl. It was also this step that I finally finished the alarm clock. Just for a recap but this time with three different perspectives:

Front - Before

Front - After

Top - Before

Top - After

Two Thirds View - Before

Two Thirds View - After
What do you think of the "new" alarm clock? I think that it is great except for the sliding buttons, where I couldn't even glue clear rhinestones on. A shame :/.


  1. its so gorgeous!! im very inspired to give deco a go after seeing your gorgeous posts! im sure i wouldnt be so angry at my alarm if it looked like this!

  2. @The Glass Princess Please do! ^^ I want to see what you have come up with. <3

  3. Looking good but I can see the point your parent made about it being too much. Then again, it's your style. At least you are helping the environment in keeping your electronics.Maybe deco the front as well?

  4. @Wiz Gurl Better than wasting money and buying another one. :) Make due with what you have right? Thank you for the compliment.

  5. This is soo cute! I wonder if something like a flower sticker around the clock face would cuten up the face, too. It's a shame you can't just cover the whole thing in sparkles and lace! ^____^

  6. @Katie Thank you! :) Someone actually bought up that I can try and deco the clock face. I might try that once I get more pink rhinestones, which I am running out of. xD

  7. So cute!! ^0^ i would buy a clock like that >0<


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