Sunday, 26 June 2011

Craft Post - Present Box

Hello everyone!

Today's craft post is going to be short and simple. Why short and simple? Well I felt that my room needs some more decor and while coming up with things to make, I remembered the small neglected box that was sitting in my closet collecting dust. The box originally had contained a set made up of a cup and saucer and was given to me by my aunt and uncle. I didn't feel like throwing away the box since I thought it could be put into good use later on and it did (as a present box)! Who knew recycling could feel this good and be this fun?

Materials used:
- box
- fabric (no pretty paper on hand :( )
- ribbons
- scissors
- glue gun
- rhinestone 
- thread
- needle

I didn't take progress pictures since I figured that this would be a "no-brainer". Basically what I did was cover up the box with black fabric and hot glued all the edges inside. I started from the bottom and made my way up (basically I left the top part until the very last). I didn't use the fabric as a whole to cover up the entire box, I cut it into pieces. A piece for the bottom, for the sides of the box, and finally for the top. As an addition, I covered up the inside of the box to make it more prettier (if it looks pretty on the outside, then it might as well look pretty on the inside).

Afterwards, I hot glued on some purple sheer ribbons. Just like with the fabric, I glued the ends of the ribbons on the insides of the top, but for the bottom part I glued the ends on the bottom. I couldn't cover up the bottom since I only had enough ribbon for the top and sides. After gluing on the purple sheer ribbons, I glued on some red sheer ribbons with gold lining that I still had from last year and using the same steps as the purple ribbons. Since the entire box is black, I figured that adding more coloured ribbons would give it more dimension.

Lastly, I used the remaining red and purple ribbons to make a cute little bow to stick onto the top of the box. This is where the sewing comes in. I folded the ribbon inwards and made two loops. I then sew the edges and the middle parts together. I then repeat for the purple ribbon and sew them both together. Finally, I glued a rhinestone onto the top of the bow and glued the bow down.

One room decor down, a few more to go. I really like the present box as a room decor since it is both functional and fashionable. You can have it sitting on a table/shelf/desk and have it storing stuff at the same time. Who doesn't like that type of decor? xD I haven't decided on what to store inside it so it is currently sitting on my shelf looking pretty.

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