Friday, 31 August 2012

Hauls Galore! Featuring A Rose Necklace, Dollar Store, School, and a Carousel!

Hello everyone! Sorry for not blogging lately, but I had been taking Driving School for the past week to obviously learn how to drive. Up until now, I never really had a need for a car since almost any place I wanted to go to was accessible by transit. But I figured that learning how to drive is not really a bad thing. Plus, persuasion can be a very powerful tool. :/ Hopefully I will be able to do well on my driving test once the courses are all up.

Now with that done, I have a couple of hauls to show you! ^^ I had been waiting eagerly for my last purchase of the month to arrive and now that it is here, I can finally do the haul post!

The first item is a rose bracelet that I had gotten from H&M for about $6.80.
The next haul is what I would like to call a special treat. I'm not sure if I had made this obvious or not, but I absolutely love the Dollar Store (which is specifically called Dollarama in my region). I usually stop in there once every two weeks depending on my mood, and you would be amazed to how many wonderful items that I can find in there. I don't usually post Dollar Store hauls, since most of the items that I had gotten from there were mostly craft items. The items that I had gotten in my latest haul there were too cute to NOT putting it on the blog, so I hope that you enjoy it and I hope that it had emphasize a part of the many wonderful items that I had found while shopping! 

In this haul, I had gotten a silver decorative bird ($1), a Disney Princess 2013 calendar ($1.50), a cupcake frame ($3), and a 3D origami sweets set ($1.50). As you can see from the prices listed, I had paid around $7 for the whole thing. Unfortunately due to everything getting more expensive nowadays, naturally some of the things in the Dollar Store will rise up in prices as well. Even with the price rise, some of the items are still worth getting!  

A decorative bird. After my last success with incorporating the bird from my latest tutorial, I decided to get another one for a potential future project in the making. They ran out of white birds, so I had to buy a silver one instead.

A Disney Princess 2013 calendar. To be honest, I would not have caught this little gem if I had not browsed through the office/school section for the heck of it! I'm glad that I did, since I usually use wall calendars to help me keep track of planned events and dates. It also cost less than the calendars that I had gotten at the Calendar Club, plus it has Disney Princesses!

Cupcake frame. This is one of those moments where you had found everything you need/want, and you are going off to the cash register to pay for your items until you saw this! Cue stopping for at least 5 minutes at this section until you find a cupcake frame you like! Now I'm pretty sure that I am not alone in this when I say that I truly do love cupcakes and the design of cupcakes. They even have a bunch of round signs with cupcake sayings beside the frames, which as adorable as they are, really reflects the nature of life in a cupcake format. "Life is short. Have a cupcake." 'nuff said. I eventually had gotten this frame, since I love the cupcake inside. It is quite pricey for just a frame ($3) and it is the most expensive item in my whole entire purchase, but the cuteness factors (bow hanging strap, pink lace "border", swirly background, white frame) makes it worthwhile to get it. Heck if Dollarama continues this route, I'm starting not to mind the $3 items now and will be more than willing to buy them!

3D origami sweet cakes set. I got intrigued with this set after seeing it. The 3D origami series have other sets as well, such as fashion and ships. The sweets on the cover looks very cute and I can't wait to try it out and make the 9 cakes as specified. Call it an interesting craft find if you will. Might make a post on it later down the road.
School is going to be starting very soon for me, so I decided to buy a few school supplies. Frankly I don't really need a lot of supplies when starting school. All I just really need to do is refill my clipboard and folder, stock up on led pencils, pens, and lead, get a new agenda for the upcoming school year, and I'm good to go! With that being said, here is my school haul.

A notebook (around $4), Chat Mignon Diary agenda ($8), and a Hello Kitty 0.5mm led pencil ($4).

Notebook. I don't really use notebooks anymore, but this notebook I can't pass up! As you can see, it is a really frilly and girly notebook. I absolutely adore the pages inside! 

HK led pencil. I have one already, but I usually keep spares in case one breaks down. Always be prepared!

Chat Mignon Diary, which is basically a cat agenda. I could not find any cheap and cute ones at Walmart so I decided to buy one in Chinatown instead. Surprisingly they are cheaper than Walmart, which were around $12. 
Lastly, I had bought a carousel music box from Yesstyle in blue! I really love carousels and I was so happy to find a music box version on the site! You can find it here!

Pictures of all the different carousels available on the box.

When you open up the box, you will find a stock of cardboard across the "roof" of the carousel, presumably to keep it within the box. When you pull it out, it will look like this.

After removing the cardboard, this is what the carousel looks like. The carousel is made out of wood. Apparently to play the music, you have to twist the top of the carousel clockwise. Once you let go, the music box will really spin slowly around like an actual carousel as it plays the melody. The music sounds surprisingly nice and it sounds like the bgm of your typical Korean drama. Unfortunately the melody itself is very short, only lasting about 10-15 seconds or so before repeating it. Also, there tends to be the occasional "click" while the melody plays. Other than that though, the music box overall was very nice. Here are some detailed closeup shots of the carousel. 

The horses can spin on the poles.


  1. awh such lovely things! my muj puts birds like that on our christmas tree ^^

  2. I love the bracelets and notebook everything actually is so cute!

  3. Love your roses ncklace. I want the same so much <3

    1. It is actually a bracelet and thank you! I was so happy when I found it! ^^ It has been a while since I had gotten any new bracelets!

    2. Necklace or bracelet... this is super cute <3
      U pay for this cute carousel 22 $ ? BodyLine has the same one for ¥499
      Anyway I love pink version <3

    3. I usually don't buy stuff from Bodyline, so I was not aware that they sell carousel music boxes until you had told me. None-the-less, I don't think they had a ton of colours for you to choose from, so I don't regret my blue carousel purchase! ^^ If it weren't for the weird design on the "canopy", I would've gotten the pink one instead of the blue one. I think the blue one looks nicer in terms of designs and "engravings".

      Lately I had been considering buying from Bodyline since I wanted to dress up in Lolita for Halloween. xD

  4. a really nice haul :)
    You have a lovely blog ❤❤❤


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