Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Taobao Review Part 2

A few nights ago I went to this performance that was celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Fukienese Association of Calgary and apparently 25 years since the opening of their school, Red Dance Shoes School, which I had gleamed from one of the introductory speeches (which felt veeery long >.< there were around 4-5 speeches in total!). Most of the performers came from the Red Dance Shoes School, but there were also a few from the Tai Chi Association and even from Ukraine. What I had really liked about the performance was the incorporation of a few traditional Chinese instruments such as the pipa and the guzheng or zither, since I rarely see any of these instruments around and it brings a fresh perspective on the whole performance. Those Ukrainian performers sure know how to dance, since their performance was the longest and they did not one but two performances. Kudos to them ^^.

Anyway, before I went to the performance, I had decided on doing a general hair bump style with a bump-it that I had bought from the dollar store, since I'm a little hesitant on backcombing my hair and it won't wreck my hair much this way. Even then, might as well start with a bump-it anyway right? I apologize if the bump isn't showing right.

It is not bad (at least to me) for a first bump hair style, but what do you think? I need a bigger bump that's for sure >.<...        

Yesterday morning/afternoon, I had received my long awaited Taobao package :). Yay! Unfortunately the surprise of finding out what the items in the package look like had been ruined for me, since my agent had shown me pictures of the items. Fortunately though, I knew what my items are going to look like as soon as I receive them and am reassured of certain things, such as the correct heel height and the look of the dress (the dress that I had looked at before I ordered did not have pictures in the description, making it a chance order). Now I had titled this post "Part 2" since it directly relates to my previous Taobao post, though this one won't be as long (which I'm pretty sure that you will be happy about ^^). Now that I had finally gotten my shoes and other things (I had decided to order a few more stuff after my mom got interested in the raincoat that I had received in my last order, but the colour that she wanted had gone out of stock), here is the review as promised.

Product Cost (51.18 USD) + Service Fee (7.85 USD) + International Shipping (48.83 USD) = 107.86 USD + Paypal and Insurance = 118.10 USD 


Lolita Kingdom Blue Lace Bow Dress Shoes 


Link: Here
Price: 168.00 CNY (25.91 USD), didn't have to pay
Thoughts: All I have to say is much better. Definitely better than the previous shoes that was sent to me. I did not have to measure the heel since I can tell that it is around or at the right heel height, which makes me happy. Like I had mentioned in my previous Taobao review, these lolita shoes don't have as steep of a slope from the heel to the toes, making it easier on the feet to walk in. Also what I had found neat about these shoes is that the heart buckle on the ankle strap is downside-up this time, while on the previous one the heart buckle was upside-down (it wasn't in the picture but it was there). A bonus feature. I cannot wait to wear them with my blue dress(es).

Oh yeah, here is a comparison between my old and new shoes:



As you can see, a significant change in heel height and a drastic improvement.


Baluoer V-Neck Dot Ruffled Lace Straps Princess Royal Top


Link: Here
Price: 56.00 CNY (8.64 USD)
Thoughts: When I had first looked at it, I had thought it looked a bit too short and worried that it might not fit me. Turned out that once I tried it on it fits just right. I think the misconception came from the placement of the lines separating the upper region from the lower region, since the line placement is right in the middle of the whole entire shirt, making the lower region look shorter than it really is. Overall, I love this top and everything about it. The dots, the lace, the string tie on the back. I don't have a dotted shirt yet so I am happy to finally have one :). The sleeves are elbow length and I love the added lace behind the v-neck for modesty. Moral of the story: don't judge a piece of clothing by its looks. xD

Jesus Diamante Replica Blue Dress

Link: N/A
Price: 248.00 CNY (38.25 USD)
Thoughts: Yes I actually did it. I bought THAT dress. For some reason I keep thinking that this is the dress that every hime has to have, since I keep seeing it everywhere on Taobao along with that dress that has a bow on one side of the shoulder xD. This is probably the only hime dress that I can get, since most hime dresses (if not all) are a bit on the small side and would not be able to fit me :(. This would be able to since it's a large. It doesn't help matters either that most of the dresses don't come in colour, which I really want. Just like I had mentioned earlier in the post, this was a chance purchase, since there were no pictures showing what the dress looked like in the description. My agent was kind enough to take pictures of the items before they get sent. At first I was disappointed since the dress did not look like the one in the thumbnail photo, which I had assumed that they still have (turned out that the seller had uploaded the photos after I had bought the dress >>). The dress in the thumbnail photo was all blue while this dress looked to have blue only at the puffed sleeves and the waistband. After a failed attempt to exchange the dress for another colour, I decided to just get the dress along with the top and the shoes delivered. Turned out that it was not so bad once it got here. In person, the whole dress is actually blue, with the sleeves and waistband being a darker shade of blue and made of a coarse transparent type of material. There is a "lace train" on the front and the dress is actually patterned as well as coloured. There is no zipper on the back, but there is one on the side. Overall I like the dress and the material is good quality. I don't actually know what material it was made from, but the fabric feels thick and durable. The best part is that it's knee length (which I want most of my dresses and skirts to be at) :D. I say the only con to the dress is that the sleeves are a bit itchy when wearing it (which is expected, given the material), but I guess that's something that I can get used to.    

That is my review! Hope you enjoyed it! Questions and comments are welcomed. ^^     


  1. (I've finally got some energy to really stay online, lol, so I'm sorry I'm commenting late even though I read this forever ago)

    I do like your hair, but I wish you were wearing more dramatic makeup!

    You have such cute things~! I can't wait to see some more coordinates!

  2. @Aimiya xD It's alright. Haha What happened? Seems like you have been more offline lately.

    Thank you! <3 It was my first hairstyle that was in a bump so I am happy with it. Yeah about that ^^; I don't really wear makeup, so that explains why I rarely have makeup on (if any at all).

    Thank you!

  3. @Lavenrose Full week and a half! Everyone who's been busy for the past few months have all suddenly stopped being busy, and they all wanted to hang out with me. I'd end up being out with them until late night, then the next day, I'd have to get up for an appointment. For a while, I would just come home, check things, and end up too tired to think of a response for everyone, lol.

  4. So lovely shoes! I wish have same in pink version :p


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