Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Hime Accessories Galore

Sorry again for the late post, but I was busy for a few days trying to come up with some designs for some headbands that I had redone (they originally came in a set of 3 purple headbands). The reason why I was trying to come up with different designs was because I wanted both of the headbands to be different from the typical bow headband, since I had just recently made some hime bows after all and it will get a little bit redundant if I keep attaching bows to each hair accessory. The designs themselves aren't exactly new (but then again, it seems that it is getting harder to come up with something original nowadays) and are inspired by a few things, which you will see later on when I show them. In addition, I would like to say that the headband wrapped in ribbon idea came from The Princess in Training (thank you for the wonderful idea and inspiration!). Before I show the headbands however, I would like to show the rest of the hime bows that I had made since the last post (where I had essentially promised on making a pink and blue one).

They turned out very nicely, but when lining these two bows up with the previous one that I had made, it seems that the blue one is smaller than the purple and pink ones. I personally blame it on size  inaccuracies.

Now here are the long awaited headbands:


What do you think? Out of the both of them, I personally think that the pink one looks weirder than the blue one due to the upright position. At first I had wanted to attach only one flower, but due to a lack of a flat bottom it got very hard to attach just only one flower (at least hard enough to attach it while at the same time trying not to make it look out of place) so I decided to glue 2 of them back to back. As for the blue one, it reminds me a lot of one of those lolita bonnets. However the headband was not actually inspired by the bonnet rectangular headdress, rather it was inspired by those big lacy lolita bows found on the headbands. Unfortunately the "bow" didn't turn out right in the end so I just ended up gluing the whole "lace strap" onto the headband and attaching some bows onto the ends. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with them and am happy that I now have a pink and a blue headband :).


  1. wow i'm impressed. To be honest, those bows look better than the previous one you made. The classic example of practice makes perfect.

    I like the pink handband better then again I have a thing for giant ass flowers :D

  2. @Wiz Gurl Thank you! :D It was purposely done like that because who doesn't want more variety with their hair accessories? xD

    I like the blue one better, but the pink one's nice too.

  3. Really cute hair accessory!
    I also love make stuff like this :)
    Bows re make perfectly! And bands... I wish have same like this blue one but in pink color!:D

  4. @Rose Thank you! ^^ You really love pink, but then so do I! <3


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