Friday, 24 June 2011

A While's Worth of Contemplating...

Do you ever have a feeling that you are missing something while you are doing your daily tasks? Or do you have one of those moments where you feel that there is no end in sight to the current path that you are traveling on? Or it could be on the opposite side and there is an end in sight, but you don't know where to go next?  Better yet, what if you were lost?

Just recently the thought had hit me. Okay, I lied. It wasn't just recently, but it had lingered in my mind for a while now. I just haven't paid attention to it until now. Now I know that all I had been doing recently was just straight crafting, but what would happen if I have actually run out of things to craft on? Better yet, what if I have run out of ideas? Chances were that if that were to happen, I wouldn't write it off as a lost cause. If anything, the ideas might come back eventually. How long is eventually I don't know and I will probably never know. It is one of those questions that never get answered for all of the mysteriousness surrounding them. As for running out of things to craft on, it happens or it can happen. It has happened to people before me and it will happen to me as well. A matter of when is questionable, since it feels like that I have tons to do right now but it creeps ever closer for every crafting project done. I think that the best thing that I can do when it comes to things like these is to just keep on crafting and when it happens, face it with a smile and some happy thoughts. I mean no use moping over it when there is plenty more things to do out there. Who knows, my inspiration for crafting might come back after I'm done with other things. But that isn't until way later, which I am fortunate for.

However, the question still arise. What would happen if I have actually run out of things to craft on? Now you are probably thinking: "Didn't you already answer that question in the last section?". I did, but I had only answered the question directly. I did not address the implications of actually finishing up all the wanted and thought-of projects and what happens afterwards. Chances are, I probably won't be just straight crafting until I get to Hime-hood. Not only is it unrealistic, but it's not just only pretty things that makes up a himegyaru. With that being the case, what happens afterward? That, as often quoted by the famous Shakespeare play Hamlet, is the question.

I guess it is at this part that I did the most contemplating and also where a thing called goals comes in. Usually I am not a fan of writing down my goals, considering that I feel no dire need to and I feel like I don't really have that many goals in the first place (I mean all I really need to do in order to accomplish my goals is to just clean my room and craft right? Right??). Turns out that I had underestimated the actual number of goals that I have. Like I had said before, being a himegyaru isn't all about having pretty things and a pretty room to live in. There is also makeup, hair, nails, etc. So I decided that for the sake of my mind (and to keep track), I will keep a list of goals handy.


- Clean my room  (Ideal look: shop format)

- Craft projects 
- Things
     Decorate or make room decor (lamp, clock, phone, any cute items)
     Make pillows 
- Clothes 
     Decorate most of current clothes except for ones bought from Taobao
     Make heart/star/dog/etc. shaped bags 

- Makeup
     Know basic makeup routine
     Buy required products and look up reviews 
     Look up himegyaru makeup tutorials and magazine scans
     Practice routine 

- Nails
     Practice nail designs
     Develop routine 

- Hair 
     Practice bouffant hairstyle
     Get into hair curling habit 
     Experiment with different hairstyles  

- Personality        
     Smile more
     Be more social/talk more 
     Manners and etiquette
     Have more confidence 
     Know right words to say 

As you can clearly see, definitely more than cleaning my room and crafting. Looks like I have my work cut out for me. Will see what happens later.        

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