Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Tale of Two Glasses... and A Glasses Review

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived two glasses named Monokuro and Boo...

Eh... not really. There are two glasses, but they are not Monokuro and Boo (I believe that those names are reserved for those two monochrome pigs). I also believe that they don't live lives that are commonly found in fairy tales, but it was worth a try right? Especially since I have just noticed that I had been posting "Hello everyone!" upfront for each post lately and that's getting boring and tasteless. Anyway, you are probably wondering why I am posting about my glasses of all things. Well after a week or two of straight crafting, I decided to give myself a break and post a "review" of sorts on these two new glasses that I had just recently bought. Ever since that ClearlyContacts fiasco (long story short: the glasses didn't fit :/), I have been on the hunt for a nice decent pair of glasses. I have finally found them, but what I did not expect was that I would buy not one but two glasses.

Story of how it all began

Warning: long story up ahead!

One day I went to the mall to begin my search there, which was expected. I had went to Walmart first to see if there were any good glasses there and for some reason I seem to be under the impression that Walmart = cheap... Anyway, at first I did find these pretty frames that were at $99. They were "pinkish" in colour and there were no visible frames around the lenses except for the top. The arms had a little bit of detail and overall the frames were metal. When I had at first picked these frames, I was not aware that the $99 had only extended towards the frames only (though I really should've expected it since there was a sign above the frames saying so ^^;). The total including the lenses came up to be around $218. Very pricy huh? So I had placed my order and waited. Later that day, my mom was giving me second thoughts on the pair of glasses, saying that I could've gotten better ones at a different shop (apparently metal frames is considered "old fashion" -.-). On the day after, I went back to Walmart to cancel my order. I was kind of surprised since they had already made the uncut lenses.

The next place that I had gone to was Hakim Optical. I had actually gone to this place before I had placed my order at ClearlyContacts, but the glasses were expensive at the time and were around $240, about the same price as the ones at Walmart if not a little bit more. After what felt like hours upon hours of searching, I had found these perfect (to me anyway) glasses. They were frame-less and the arms made out of a bone-like material. I didn't get that specific frame in the end, but I ended up picking something similar from the display counter xD. I couldn't decided between two colours so I had decided to get both. Of course it also helped that the more you buy, the more you save. One pair rung up to be about around $300+ (including the 40% discount...), but it turned out that if you got two pairs, the total would turn out to be around $400+, since the discount get bumped up to 50% and it would be applied to both pairs. That would be around $200+ for each pair :). Not bad, considering that the Walmart glasses were around the same price if it were just one pair. However, not everything was all flowers and rainbows yet. Just like all eyewear shops, a prescription is required, which I had forgotten at home -.-. So I had decided to put the glasses on hold for later. After going back home and retrieving my perscription, my mom had convinced me to try and look at other shops before going back to Hakim Optical to place an order. So look at other shops we did.

We scoured. We tore though malls and supermarkets. We searched everything and everywhere, but to no avail. The glasses at the other shops either weren't as nice as the ones at Hakim or were too expensive (one pair was already priced at $300+ including the lenses and that's just only with one pair!). So I had placed my order for the two glasses that I had reserved at Hakim Optical (50% of total amount paid upfront and 50% of total amount paid during pickup) and within 2-3 weeks I had received them! The rest as they say is history...

***Long story ends here*** 


Now since the two glasses that I had ordered are very similar in style, I will group the two into one single review. These are the two glasses that I gotten:

As you can see, they are black and white, hence the Monokuro Boo reference xD. Both of the glasses are frame-less, which I really like since it looks like I am not wearing any glasses at all. The black pair have gems encrusted on the arms. I have always been a fan of glasses that have bling on the arms. The writing on the grey squares said "limited edition" on each arm, with "limited" on the left arm and "edition" on the right arm.

The lady that had handled my order was nice enough to let me pick two glasses cases out of the five presented to me in addition to giving me a cleaning cloth ^^. They had a case similar to the black and white checkered one in the picture but in silver, but I picked the white one instead. Looks nicer and more deco potential. Speaking of deco, I really should get to doing that, but not until the glue that I hard ordered from ebay arrives. More on deco later.

The first two pictures are of me wearing the black glasses and the last two pictures are of me wearing the white glasses. What do you think?

Overall, I love both glasses. They are definitely a bump up from my mini kitty glasses that I have from over three years ago (same year span applied to my old prescription). I am still getting used to them since my prescription had changed drastically from my old one, though my right eye is more weaker than my left eye, so my right eye underwent a more drastic change than my left eye. The only thing that bothered me was the price, since I had to pay $400+ for both. Guess it is not only my prescription that had changed drastically over three years.

So what are your opinion on glasses?                                 


  1. First off, you are very pretty~<3

    I don't know much about glasses though. I guess the only ones I don't like are those circle ones, but I think only Harry Potter cosplayers wear those, lol. I lean more towards the ones with the thinner frames, than those huge ones. Can they make lenses for any kind of glasses? Like, if you found some $15 ones at an accessory store, would they be able to put lenses to those? I guess even if they could, they'd be cheapo frames and you'd have to worry about the glasses breaking.

    Yeah, I don't know much about glasses.... ;_; I like yours though!

  2. @Aimiya Thank you! <3 It took me FOREVER to take good pictures of me without it getting blurry and looking stoic ><. It's alright, I don't like the circle ones either haha! The rectangular frames are currently in season so I got those, only without frames.

    I am pretty sure that they can make lenses for any kind of glasses since when I had bought mine, there is a separate cost for just the frames. The lenses have their own cost (usually in the $100s >>). Once again thank you! ^^ I do have contacts too, but I need glasses as backup in case they "expire" and I need to give my eyes a break on occasions.

    Thank you for commenting! ^^

  3. Honestly Wanda, those are 100 to the power of infinity better than your old ones.

  4. I love love LOVE my cat-eye frames. I'm albino, and my eyelashes are white and don't show up. It makes me look kind of boyish if I'm not wearing mascara.

    But I found these chocolate brown x mint green cat eye frames that make my eyes look bigger and the shape makes me look like I have eyelashes!

    It's kinda hard to explain, but they make me look way more feminine. I've had them for a few years now because I haven't ever found frames I like more.

    Do you want to see a picture? I feel silly trying to describe it. n_n;

    Also, your glasses are very cute. I love the black vs white. They both go with everything. XD

  5. @Piper ^^ That is very cool! It's nice to hear that your glasses are cat-eye frames. I have seen them around but not daring enough to actually try them on xD. So do you usually stick with cat-eyes or did you have different frames before?

    Pictures are always nice. ^^ It's alright. I can already imagine what your glasses look like in my head when reading the description.

    Thank you very much! <3 I agree. Black and white are must-haves xD.

  6. Glasses look good on you ^^ they give you something extra cute! D: mine make my look like i did not sleep for a year T-T

  7. @Lita Thank you! ^^ I wear glasses all the time so might as well get some cute pairs right? D: Awww sorry to hear that.


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