Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Arrival of Bed Set Part 2 and Upcoming Yesstyle Haul

Hello everyone!

Just taking the time out of my hectic and busy life to make a post on the rest of my duvet set along with another haul that I will post later (the previous bed set package can be found here). I was actually suppose to do it yesterday but couldn't because of a small headache.  Those darn headaches... -.- Should try to go to sleep more earlier. All of this tylenol consumption is not good for my health. 

Anyway, the package that contained the rest of my bed set came in yesterday. Unfortunately it had already been opened by presumably my mom. :( Oh well. Here are the two pillow cases:



Now that the bet set is finally complete (which I was anxiously waiting for over the weekend), I can finally get this on my bed! Yay! ^o^ I was actually contemplating whether or not I should show you all the new Hello Kitty bed after I put everything into place, but then decided not to until the room tour post that I will do eventually. :) I'm pretty confident that you all can handle a little surprise anyway. ^^;

Now I would usually just stop at there and leave you all for another day, but I figure that now's a better time than ever to talk about the upcoming haul that I did from Yesstyle. A few weeks ago back in late September, my friend convinced me into doing a group order from Yesstyle, since she wanted to use up one of her $10 coupons before it expires and didn't want to spend the whole $150 just to get free shipping. Makes perfect sense right? Right. So after what seems to be hours upon hours of contemplating, deciding, and browsing, I managed to find some things and spent around $30-40. Not bad! :D I won't list what I got here just yet however, since my friend will give me the items tomorrow. Definitely will in the next post however.

Until then, take care everyone!          


  1. looks so cute i'm going to draw it (i love drawing) and then send a link from my blog to yours.

    p.s i'll be your follower (i want to read more about everything) if you like you can go to mine as well (but i'm still new so not very special posts)

  2. I love the pink they used in this bedset. Not too dark, not too light, and just bubblegummy enough to be able to live with it for a long time.
    Can't wait to see your other goodies. Getting treasures in the mail is almost as fun as Christmas!

  3. @maaike Awww thanks! I can't wait to see what you draw. I bet that it's going to be very cute. :) Awww thank you for following! I will definitely check out your blog. <3

  4. @Heidi Yeah I love this shade of pink as well. It is also why I picked it out of all the other Hello Kitty bed sets. I also love the pattern on this particular bed set(not that I have much choice to start with, what with my bed being a queen size and all). I completely agree with you on that part! Never get tired of getting packages in the mail! xD

  5. wow I love hello kitty.
    it´s so cute !! I really love the colour !!Thanks for sharing wanda chan <33

  6. @black-sui Aww thank you! <3 I love Hello Kitty too! ^^ She's too irresistible! You are very welcome!


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