Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Hello Kitty Calculator and Strapya World Haul

Hello everyone!

This post is going to be a continuation from where I had left off in the previous post. Now usually I would upload my hauls a few days after I get them in the mail, but clearly I underestimate the looming ache in my head known as school. :/ So I figured that while I still have the time, I might as well upload it now. So here goes, starting off with the Hello Kitty calculator!

Warning: Tons of pictures up ahead.

eBay Hello Kitty Electronic Solar Calculator

Average typical package that contains the goodies (or goody in this case).

Calculator inside a small "box" and letter from seller.

The calculator box up close. So sorry for the skewed picture! >.<
Unfolded letter from seller up close. One of those letters about thanking the buyer and leaving a 5-star feedback.

Back of the calculator box.

The calculator out of the box and in a small plastic bag.

Look! A manual! Pretty sure that I won't need it though. Why wouldn't a basic calculator not be easy to navigate? At least this manual isn't as plain-looking as the other manuals, since it is Hello Kitty after all. xD

The calculator without the small plastic bag. Turns out that the calculator has a thin protective sheet covering it. Very nice detail for something coming from Hong Kong...

... even though it said "Made in Japan"... O-o

Up close shot of the manual.

 Finally a shot of the calculator on the inside. 

Price: Around $6 CDN.
Thoughts: The buttons are soft and the screen is big enough for me to see the numbers comfortably. There is a slot on the back of the calculator where I can put in my batteries in case I ever find myself in a cave dark place, but I'm quite sure I will rarely ever be in that situation, since I usually use my calculator near a lamp or in the daytime. The calculator fits comfortably in the palm of my hand, so it really is travel sized, which makes it very convenient for the on-the-go calculations, especially for school. Lastly, a feature that I found very neat about this calculator is that it has an automatic turn-off feature. Perfect for the forgetful mind which I can be sometimes prone to. ^^;

Overall, I really love my calculator. Very pink and girly, simple to use, and very portable. It also isn't very obvious at first sight when I take it out of my bag, so that's another plus.

Other than my Hello Kitty calculator, I also had ordered a bunch of cute food squishies a while back. I wasn't planning to at first until my sister forced convinced me to help her order this cute juicy chan peach bun plush... It basically snowballed afterwards, what with me helping myself to a few food squishy charms. I mean what's the harm?

Strapya World Haul

The huge EMS package that it came in. I did do a Strapya World haul before but picked airmail instead of EMS. In fact, I wasn't even aware that they had EMS shipping until I paid a visit to their site a few weeks ago. ^^; EMS shipping is definitely faster than airmail. Took about less than a week to get to Canada. So fast!

The squishy charms and peach bun plush in each of their bubble wrap prison. :) I love how the Strapya World staff had managed to stuff the plush into the bubble wrap. I was sort of expecting a box of some sort. ^^;

Juju-chan's first appearance while still in plastic wrap. For those that are questioning, yes that's her real name...

The Chinese (well it looks Chinese to me anyway) character on the back of the plush.

My sister holding up the plush for me to take more pictures of! Smile Juju-chan! :D Not that she can make any other facial expressions anyway...

My portion of the haul. I ordered 4 sweet things in total.

From upper left to bottom right: sweet vanilla strawberry cake, My Melody strawberry bun, Hello Kitty plain biscuit, and Hello Kitty blue macaroon.

Closer look of the My Melody strawberry bun. Notice the cute tag on the ball chain with the words "don't eat this!"

The back of the bun. Love the realistic detailing.

Close up shot of the strawberry vanilla cake.

What a cute little tag! Excuse my calloused hands. ><

Side/top shot of the cake.

Small tag on the ball chain.

Unlike the previous sweets, where they came in normal plastic packages, the wrappers on these two really fits the sweet theme. Made me almost not want to tear them apart and throw them out. xD

Even have a cafe name! How sweet (pun intended).

Of course, all good things had to come to an end and I eventually ripped apart the cute wrappers (how unfortunate). Anyway, here's a close up shot of the biscuit.

Side shot of the strawberry creme filling. Love the detail!

Close up shot of the macaroon. At first I had planned on getting the regular strawberry and strawberry milk macaroons until they had sold out. :(

Side shot of the macaroon cream filling. If it weren't for the small little HK bow peeking out a little bit in the corner, the macaroon would've looked like a real thing. 

Link: Here
Price: Around $44
Thoughts: I really love all the cute little food squishy charms. They are so adorable and they are really very squishy. They are about $5-6 each, which is a semi-reasonable price, since they are about the same price as the ones in those Chinatown shops. I have to say that Strapya World has some of the most expensive (and realistic) phone charms I had ever seen, such as these cute fuzzy fur ball charms. Of course they don't sell only phone charms, but also cell phone cases, deco pieces, and jewelry to name a few. Anyway, the juicy peach bun plush is $10, a reasonable price for a plush considering the smallest ones go for about $15+ in the small Asian shops. Overall, I really love the haul that I got from Strapya World and I will probably buy from them again sometime in the future. 

Once I finally have a break from school I hope that I have enough time to get back into crafting, since I had recently bought a lot of supplies from my local fabric store and am more motivated than ever to work on some more lovelies. ^^ Until next time!


  1. Superr cute! :D i want everything! D:

  2. @Lita Thank you! ^^ That's how I feel toward every cute thing I see.

  3. it's all so cute
    but i like the most is the juju-chan plush

    so cute ;)


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