Thursday, 6 October 2011

Yesstyle Haul

Hello everyone!

Here is the Yesstyle haul that I had promised yesterday to have up as soon as I had gotten the "goods" from my friend. It will be a short one, since I didn't order that much stuff. ^^;

Anyway, I bought about $38 in purchases total, consisting of a hoodie and a skirt.

Once again, Yesstyle's packaging comes individually wrapped in plastic bags. I really love how every article of clothing is neatly folded inside the bags.

Black Lace Trim Hoodie

Front part of hoodie

Lace trim detailing with natural light

Lace trim detailing with flash

Closeup of the zipper

Lace trim detailing on the hood

Link: Here 
Price: $16.72 CDN
Thoughts: At first when I saw this hoodie, I knew that I just had to get it and I'm glad that I did. It's black, lacy, and it is a hoodie. The design is also similar to that of JD hoodies. What more could you want? I didn't actually have a black hoodie before now so I figured that now is a good time to get one, especially one that is as cute as this. Anyway, once I received it I was astonished by the amount of detail and materials used. The hoodie itself is like your typical average standard hoodie found in local malls, but a little thicker. The zipper was a little hard to pull down when I first took it out of the plastic bag, but I assumed that's from the hoodie still being new. I really like the detailing of the zipper. They had used a butterfly instead of the common rectangular zipper, which is a very nice touch and it shows that they had really paid attention to their design. As for the lace trim, the lace feels soft like fabric, another nice touch. As you can see in the above pictures, there are three layers of lace, which is very nice. The hood also has a lace lining. One thing that I'm surprised with however is the sizing. It was so snug when I tried it on, which I presume the size to be a bit bigger because of the huge bust size (100cm). I managed to fit in the hoodie though, so it really wasn't much of an issue. Overall, a great price for a great hoodie. ^^

Overall: Cute design, good quality, nice lace, snug sizing

Pink Elastic-Waist Pleated Chiffon Skirt

Ribbon detail

Lace hem 
Link: Here
Price: $21.38 CDN
Thoughts: Along with the hoodie, I decided to get a skirt since by that point I was running out of things to get and I needed more skirts anyway. So after what seemed like hours upon hours of straight browsing, I finally found this cute pink skirt and decided to get it. At first I was a little bit skeptical about the sizing and wondering about the fit, since it was a bit on the small size. Turns out that it actually fits me just right, which I'm thankful for. This was my first time ordering a skirt online anywhere. The skirt has a lace and ribbon hem, a very nice addition. What I absolutely love about this skirt, other than the ribbon, lace detailing, and colour, is that it's knee-length. Basically the type of skirt that I have been trying to find for AGES (you wouldn't believe how long it took me to find just one, let alone a few). I say that the only downside to the skirt is that it's a bit pricey for just a skirt. However, it's money that's well worth spent in my opinion. 

Overall: Cute design, good quality, lovely detailing such as lace and ribbon, a little bit pricey 

Now that's done and over with, I'm going to go sleep, since it's getting late. Until then, take care everyone! :)


  1. This skirt is absolutely GORGEOUS!! The color is very elegant.

  2. I totally agree with Heidi. The skirt is to die for! May I ask how much you paid for shipping :x? I'm always afraid of horrendous shipping costs *laughs*

  3. @Heidi Thank you! ^^ I love it so much!

  4. @Anna Awww thanks! <3 My friend and I didn't actually need to pay for shipping, since it's automatically free shipping when buying things $150 and over (well the current sale promotion helps too ^^;). For anything less than $150, the shipping rate varies depending on region. Last time I checked, the shipping rate would be $16 US for select European countries. It's a flat rate though, so it's very easygoing on large purchases.

    Here's the shipping rates and options section:

    Hope that helps! ^^

  5. Really cute ^^ love the hoodie!! I want! :D i love yesstyle :))

  6. @Lita Thank you! ^^ I love Yesstyle as well! It has now been one of my main place for clothes haha.

  7. Cute! I like the hoodie! The thing about Yesstyle is that I love their clothes, but not so much their sizing system. Oh well, can't have everything...

  8. @Pretty Me Purple Thank you! Generally I don't have much trouble with their sizing system since I always make sure to check the measurements before adding anything to the cart. ^^; I guess I got fortunate for the most part, since everything that I ordered managed to fit me.

    I do however find their lack of sizing unfortunate, especially if you see something that's very cute for a cheap price and you can't get it because of the lack of sizing.


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