Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New Makeup Bag and Glasses Order Gone Wrong

Hello everyone.

Sorry for the late post. I had been too busy lately with going to places, mainly going with family (it seems that my mom has a small peeve with staying indoors for too long). There has never been a time where I am home long enough to post something (well I guess there are those times, but they are usually so short that I would do something else other than post such as surf the web, yup I'm weird...). Anyway, onward with the post!

A few days ago, there was this special promotion going on at the Bay where basically you buy a whole lot of stuff equaling a specified amount found on the advertisement and you can pick which lovely things that you want to take home as a giveaway. In addition, the price gets lowered as well, but it is the giveaway that makes up most of it. My mom had bought three Shiseido skincare products and the lady gave her three gift bags, which she gave one of them to me:


As you can see, the bag is purple, which is my favourite colour (which I'm so grateful for, yay!). On the bag is what looks to be chrysanthemum flowers in the lower left corner. 

In the bag there are three small skincare products, specifically a brightening cleansing foam, a super-corrective serum (presumably for the eyes), and a brightening protective emulsion (to be used after the cleanser and softener).  Don't you like all the unnecessary fancy names that were used for the skincare products? xD

Anyway, I am not sure whether or not I should go all "full-out-hime" on the bag. It already looks pretty as it is. Just going to have to experiment and see. :/

Moving on. Now remember a few posts ago when I had bought a pair of glasses using the "firstpairfree" code and had promised to do a review on the glasses once I received them in the mail? Well I had recently received them a few days ago and will now get onto the review:

When you first receive the package, you will get the glasses in a blue box (assuming that you had ordered a pair). Inside this blue box are the following: invoice, glasses case, glasses itself (inside this drawstring bag), a bag filled with a glasses cleaning cloth and a small metal "screwdriver", and a $25 credit claim card. The screwdriver is in the box in case your glasses do not exactly fit on your face and you have to adjust the sides where the screws are.   

Box filled with everything listed above.

Bag with the glasses cleaning cloth and small metal screwdriver inside.

Glasses storage case.

The glasses inside the case that's also inside a silk black drawstring bag.

$25 credit claim card. Basically a referral is needed in order to claim the $25 store credit on the website.

The glasses themselves. The link to these glasses in particular is found here.

Thoughts: You can tell from the title that it didn't go according to plan. To be very blunt, I was so disappointed with these glasses. Everything had fit except for the glasses "hooks", which were too long. I guess when the only previous experience that you had with glasses was that in stores, you would get used to the "one size fits most" routine, which is the case when trying on glasses in stores. Unfortunately, I've learned the hard way that it is definitely not the case online. There are actual differences in frame dimensions on the website, which I should've paid more attention to when ordering. Oh well, as the saying goes, what's done is done and it is time to pay my dues. Now you are probably asking "couldn't you just exchange the glasses for a correct size?" I technically can, since the sales representative that received my call said that there is a promotion coming up that allows me to exchange my current glasses for new ones. There is one problem however. I don't want to risk exchanging these pair for yet another that would have a chance of not fitting me. Not wanting to go through the same scenario twice, I decided to just return them and go back to the traditional "trying them in stores" routine. Fortunately, if you ever decide to return or exchange the glasses, they send you a prepaid label for you to print out and tape onto the box so you don't have to pay for return shipping. :) Pretty neat. Other than the misfortune, the glasses are very well packaged, so there is a less likely chance of breaking and the package has tracking. 

Pros: cheap (even without the promotional code), nicely packaged, no need to pay for return shipping if needed to return or exchange
Cons: can't try them on (need to get the exact size correct in order to fit) 

I would find this good for those that already know what size glasses they wear and are confident enough to have no need to try them on in stores. For those that aren't, be cautious when ordering. 

After this experience, I will just go back to trying them in stores. Sure it will be obviously more pricey than the ones online (about $200 pricier), but at least the glasses will fit and I think that's what matters the most when it comes to glasses. Good luck to those that are getting glasses and I hope this review helps in the glasses decision making.    

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