Sunday, 22 May 2011

Craft Post - Headband Holder

Hello everyone,

I had solved the problem with the necklace displays tipping forward by adding more cardboard onto the back. (A little obvious but yeah... not so obvious for me... ^^;)

I am currently on a crafting streak right now along with my seemingly never-ending goal to have my room fully cleaned, so expect a series of blog posts relating to crafting :D! This post will be focusing on how I made my headband holder (or should I say, headband cover). Plus, my headbands are in need of a new home and it is annoying to have to go through thousands upon thousands of headbands in a black box while trying to find a specific kind. Now I will say this upfront and that is I am still mediocre at sewing. My sewing is not the best so expect some "shoddy" work (but it's still effective in terms of what I wanted it to do so I'm happy with it). At first I tried looking around to see if there were any tutorials on throw pillows covers (pillows that looks like giant sausages), but I couldn't find any so I decided to settle on making my own or at least try to. Without further ado, onto the headband holder!

Materials used: 
- Throw pillow
- Black fabric (chiffon)
- Needle
- Black thread
- Scissors
- Iron (not shown)
- Tape measure

When I had decided to start making a headband holder, I had at first decided to use sheets of foam. Unfortunately, my basement diving ventures came up with no sheets of foam. Fortunately, I did find an old throw pillow that was unused. I did test it out and to my surprise the headbands actually fit around the pillow. I could've just left it at that, but I did not really like the floral pattern with the headbands (You: Say what now?!), hence the decision to make a throw pillow cover. I chose black fabric so that the holder can match with the necklace displays that I had made in the last post.

So the first thing that I did was measure out the dimensions of the throw pillow, which were 67.5cm (26.6") in length and 43cm (16.9") in circumference. I added an extra 2cm to each measurement in order to include some seam allowance.

I should've cut the edges a bit more straighter since once I had gotten the fabric around the throw pillow, the edges are barely touching. -.-

Since the edges of the fabric are barely touching each other, I had decided to use a blanket stitch to stitch up the opening.

A closeup of the blanket stitch that I had done. Will also be the back side of the headband holder.

The front side of the headband holder and the side that I will be using. 

The headband holder in action one of my shelves. The sewing work is not at it's best, but it had fulfilled the purpose of covering up the previously bare throw pillow, so I am satisfied for now. I might modify it later like adding lace to the edges as well as fixing the edges or adding black bows after I finish cleaning up my room.

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