Monday, 25 August 2014

An Overdue Post - A Compilation of the Past Months Part 3

Hello everyone,

It has officially been about roughly two months since my last update. While suppose to be a semi-continuation to the previous post, the update was a bit late in being posted. I am aware that my updates has been severely slowing down as of late and I honestly do not know what to do in regards to this issue. Ever since summer started and after I had finished an international financing course that I had taken back in May, I had been severely lacking in terms of motivating myself. Now I am aware that this particular situation has been going on for some time, so I am going to try and resolve it to the best of my abilities and see if my motivational drive will come back. The reason why I think that this is purely motivational-based is because my activity level had remained purely the same (if not a little lower) compared to before, and I greatly want to share that with you. So with that being said, I greatly appreciate the support that you had all showed and would like to thank you for bearing with me despite my lack of posting. Without further ado, here are the activities that I had done during the time in-between.

During one of my excursions to H&M, I had gotten this adorable shiny heart earring set that was on sale. I realized that I did not have a set like this before so I figured why not? The pair that was missing from the set were green hearts that I know I will never wear in the future, and so decided to give them to my friend.

Also during one of my eBay hauls, I had bought a high collared ruffled Victorian blouse that I intend to use for lolita. I had been contemplating on buying a brand blouse once it goes on sale a couple of times, but decided to get this particular blouse for the time being. My feelings on long sleeve blouses had not yet been resolved. 

Back in the beginning of June, the Fairmont Palliser hotel hosted their 100th anniversary and offered free tea and cakes along with swing dancing, which was then made into the perfect lolita meet. A couple of us decided to meet up early in Chinatown to hang out before heading to the actual event, as well as doing some quick shopping afterwards. I had originally intended to wear my Daydream Carnival skirt that day, but due to lack of planning ahead and lack of coordinate options had to go with my La Robe de Cinderella JSK instead.

Don't forget to have the obligatory mayor's speech!

Some fun "selfies" while in the lobby...

...and yet more selfies! You can clearly tell that we stand out from the onlookers in the background!

Yet another one, except this one is more focused on myself and also had a photobomber...

Myself again but this time in the washroom

Snapshot of the free cakes while in line. If you look closely at the center you can clearly see some elaborate teapots.
We took our tea and cakes and hung out in what I like to call the "ballroom", which was so elegant in appearance (it even had a piano). We noticed that there were some huge windows in the room, which made it perfect for some photoshoots! Que some enactments of scenes of looking out through the window with a dreamy look to your face. The lighting was really bad inside the hotel, so I had utilized some app magic to brighten up the photo.
At the time in addition to the hotel having swing dancing, the hotel also decided to host a costume contest which we were too late to attend. It was a real shame, since I really wanted to see how we did compared to the other competitors, despite the fact that lolita fashion is not really a costume. Despite that letdown, we decided to take more pictures outside. We had more group shots while inside the hotel, but this was the only one I had managed to get on my phone. None-the-less, we had a terrific time!

We did have a couple of uncomfortable situations that had happened during the shopping trip, such as being followed around by a creep being stalked and one of our members being insulted, but they were quickly rectified. I sometimes wonder why people would bother putting in the time and effort to make someone's life miserable, and this was one of those situations that seriously made me think of this question.

Awhile back, I had greatly fallen in love with the idea of having my own bunny faux fur throw like the ones produced by Angelic Pretty back when they were still producing OTT things like it was going out of style. As tempting as it is to buy one off of Yahoo Japan or Mbok, I decided to take up the challenge of trying to make one purely out of yarn. I decided to opt out of putting on the eyes, since it did not feel right for me to do so not to mention kind of creepy. It was kind of funny in a way that back when I had come up with the idea I did not feel comfortable with attempting it at all! It is amazing how far you can come if you have the courage to do so.

Later on I decided to mitigate the DDC lack of coordinating options by handmaking a matching hair accessory/brooch.   

I used to have rapunzel waist length hair but eventually decided to get it cut to mid-length. I love long hair in general, so having hair at waist length while tedious to maintain at times did not bother me too much. However, it was time to face the music or barbershop in this case...
Just an idea of how long my hair used to be
Around mid-July, I had gotten it in my head to start up a fashion/lifestyle scrapbook based on fashion choices that I had made both in the past and present, which specifically centered on Himegyaru and Lolita. So I decided to buy some items from the Dollar Store and these were the items that I had managed to obtain. 

Apparently I had also manage to score a Beanie Baby plush for only $2! I did know that the plush was a Valentine Day edition and used to have a white ribbon with writing around it before they took it off...

I also bought some makeup products off of Cosmetic Love, which came with a Tomato whitening kit.

As hinted in previous posts, I love to play a lot of Nintendo games, primarily Pokemon. As a result, I had racked up enough coins to warrant getting the Nintendogs greeting cards for a reward.

That will be all that I am posting for the time being. The next post is going to center on an order that I had made off of CD Japan, which I should hopefully get that posted up shortly after this post. 

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