Thursday, 26 June 2014

An Overdue Post - A Compilation of the Past Months Part 2

Hello everyone,

After another long while again I had came up with the second part to my previous post here.

To start off, back in probably the beginning of this current year in March-April I had attended my first Lolita meet at Chinook Mall, which was quite exciting for self-explanatory reasons. Suffice to say, I had a great time with my new loli buddies, walking around the mall as well as doing some good old fashion shopping! While I was at Forever21, I had managed to take some photos of my coordinate. I apologize for the photo looking a bit blurry. 

During my shopping excursion mentioned above, I had found a cute perfume bag on sale at Aldo Accessories. It was one of the bags that went on sale during Valentine season, which I kind of regret missing out on since the bags were so cute despite the impractical sizes. So naturally, I had snagged a pink one when I had found it along with a set of light blue and lavender bracelets. In addition to that, I had bought a ton of rose hair clips over at Claires and Ardene, as well as a pair of locket earrings over at Forever21. 

I had placed a Bodyline order back when Bodyline still had their free shipping promotion. I was in some need of basics, so I bought two cardigans/boleros, a princess skirt, and a blouse with a detachable necktie.  Since it is a BL order and the reviews for this site is done to death, I am going to opt out of doing a review for this. However, one thing that I do want to note is that the skirt in particular turned out to be nicer in real life compared to the stock photos, and since there aren't enough photos taken in real life for this particular skirt, I hope that this knowledge turned out to be handy when considering purchasing the skirt.




For this particular BL haul, I was in the mood to dress up so I quickly whipped up an outfit using mainly 3 of the 4 pieces shown above, which is everything but the blue cardigan. Just to make things more interesting, I decided to wear two petticoats in the second picture just to see how much poof I can get out of the skirt itself. It is quite amazing how much of a difference wearing two petticoats can make.

Though in regards to dressing up, I was in another one of those moods and dressed up in straight-up lolita wear for the afternoon, with the spotlight item being my Chess Story La Robe De Cinderella JSK!

This particular photo heavily reminds me of one of those "store" pictures that the shop staff constantly take whenever they are in front of a shelf of accessories...

Ever since obtaining my current phone, I have been wanting to decorate a case for it but never had the time to do so due to school work. It wasn't until recently that I had managed to glam it up into the pictures that you see below! While not shown here, I decided to use the bear phone jack that I had bought off of Yesstyle to celebrate the occasion.

During the time around the middle of May around May 18, I had gone to the Otafest convention to meet up with a couple of other lolitas as well as browse around the vendors booth. What originally was suppose to be a picnic ended up being a series of photoshoots by passerbys! Also on the same day, I figured that I would not miss out on having the chance to wear my Romantic Rose Letter JSK by Angelic Pretty!

Gotta love those alpacasso bins! I ended up getting the "bridal" alpaca in the upper bin as well as one of the smaller prince alpacas!

Insert obligatory selfie photo here
During one of my boring days, I decided to take on one of the projects that I had been putting on the back burner, which was deco-ing out an Apple tire speaker that I had received as a gift from my uncle. 


  1. Aw this is so cute! ^^ It looks like you've had a lot of fun recently~<3
    -Kiyomi xx


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