Friday, 16 May 2014

An Overdue Post - A Compilation of the Past Months Part 1

Hello everyone!

It has been quite some time since I had updated the blog. I will not lie, I find myself drained and completely lacking in motivation to post up content, despite the fact that I have numerous photos that I had taken in the last several months and had been very eager to share them. I am not entirely certain if I am completely out of this unmotivated stated that I had found myself in, so I am going to take it easy and post a compilation or summary of all of the activities that I have done. In the time that I had gone as well as ever since realizing my love for the Lolita fashion, I had already purchased some more acquisitions, particularly pertaining to Angelic Pretty, which I find is quickly becoming my favourite Lolita brand.

During the winter season, I had knitted up this scarf after seeing a similar looking scarf on the BTSSB website as inspiration.  I already have another similar ball of yarn in a pink colour, which I can hopefully turn into another scarf.

At the time Urban Planet was having a fantastic sale, I had managed to find the skirt and the pair of shorts for only $2.50 and $4 each respectively! The skirt was only available in M and L, so I got the M size which unfortunately is a little bit big on me. Hopefully I can alter it. For the pair of shorts, I had bought them originally for sleep wear, but I ended up using them as "bloomers" instead for my Lolita wear. 

Near the end of November of last year, Otafest Aurora came around. Both my sister and I decided to dress up in Lolita, though I kind of wish I have a poofier petticoat, since I find that my Classical Puppets petticoat while working well in real life, does not really show that much poof on camera and in photos. Not sure if that is because of the bags weighing it down, but I find that it has been a constant issue that has been bugging me. 

I had found a booth at the convention that sold a bunch of cute accessories that works really well with lolita and/or fairy-kei, and I couldn't resist snatching up a necklace and hair accessory. In addition, I had been very big into collecting Otafest pins, so I ended up buying a couple as shown above. I had originally wanted to buy the latest pins that they had up on their website, but the shipment didn't arrive so the ones I ended up getting are the old ones (first picture). I eventually got the new ones later at a pin trading party (second picture). 

I had placed two separate orders for lolita items. One order was for a Daydream Carnival or DDC skirt in ivory and the other order contains a Memorial Cake skirt in white and a random princess cutsew in pink. Ever since seeing Memorial Cake in a lolita's wardrobe video, I had been wanting the print so badly, and even though it is a skirt I am super happy that I had gotten it! 

Awhile back, Angelic Pretty had released a series called Romantic Rose Letter, which was essentially the floral pastel series of the month at the time. Me being a huge sucker for anything that has roses on it and after finding it in a Kera scan, I decided to try and go for the lavender colourway with the lace collar, with the pink colourway second in priority. After finding out from my shopping service that my preferred JSK was sold out in both colourways, I decided to go for the remaining tiered JSK instead which I had ended up getting along with the matching headbow.  I don't usually buy headbows since I can pretty much make my own bows, but I figured since I am getting a brand dress brand-new and straight from the stores themselves via SS, I might as well to save up on shipping!

Later on, my mom had gotten me a pink coat from Yesstyle. I had already used it a couple of times and the only downside to this particular coat is that the coat was already missing a button when it came out of the packaging.  In addition to the coat, I had also ordered a cute bear phone jack charm.

While I was picking up one of my packages at the postal office, I picked up this perfume bottle as a side purchase for a really good price. The best part is that it smells really romantic!

I would go on longer, but I felt that it is already too long as it is, so therefore I will continue on for part 2! 


  1. Everything is so cute in this post ;A; I love your style~ ^^ Great post!<3
    -Kiyomi xx

  2. That scarf you knit is super adorable!


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