Monday, 8 October 2012

Interesting Craft Finds: Let Them Make Cake!

Hello everyone!

^^ Please pardon the altered Marie Antoinette saying, but I felt that it would fit very well with the craft find in the blog post. Anyway, if you had been lurking around my blog during late August, I had posted up a (mostly) Dollar Store haul, and one of my finds was a 3D Origami Sweet Cakes set as shown:

Well fast forward to today and we finally get to see what is inside! I'm currently on a long break right now, and, while my homework amount is still tame and the sun is still shining brightly, I figured why not get the set opened up and bak-err fold some sweets! ^^;

Warning: The following content are picture/photo heavy. A fast connection (and a sweets tolerance) is strongly advised!

This was what it looks like when it was first opened up and pulled out of its packaging. I apologize if you cannot see a couple of things due to the pileup, but I tried my best in trying to show everything laid out and in one place. In this set, you can get:
  • A backdrop
  • Folding instructions
  • Cake and donut origami paper
  • Cake origami "top" layers and "toppings"
  • Paper doilies
  • Sprinkles
  • Glue 
So basically, you get just about everything as shown on the packaging, which was very surprising for me. I was only expecting the cakes, not the extra stuff that comes with it, such as the doilies and sprinkles. I was definitely not expecting the backdrop, which you apparently get anyway. :) Doesn't it feel nice to get exactly what you paid for? In this case, I guess it should not matter anyway because I had technically paid only about a dollar for this set.

I wasn't quite sure how to present this set at first, (what with the numerous amount of folding that has to be done as shown on the instructions page), but I figured why not just present it in a progress-like format with one of the cakes of each type, somewhat akin to a tutorial that's at the same time not really a tutorial. Of course it could be, but really only applicable with origami paper and some creative design planning. 

I had found out quickly that despite the daunting instructions sheet, it turned out to be not hard at all when folding out the sweets, and this is coming from someone who can only fold the paper crane. I had taken some liberties when folding out parts a certain way (such as Step 9 of the Cake 1 - Whipple), and leaving out steps since I felt that certain looks can be improved. 

It does get time consuming. It took me about two nights and a day to finish up the whole set, since there are lots of cutting, folding, and gluing involved. Here are the rest of the cakes.


I have to say that the only thing that I did not like about this set is the lack of a bottom, as shown on the bottom.  This had applied to just about most of the cakes with the exception of the donuts and the strawberry cake, which had a duplicate pink square.


While on the ground, the cakes look like any other ordinary cake, but when lifted it gets a bit awkward...

While I was getting to gathering all the cakes to take one big picture, I just got a marvelous idea! I thought, "why not make the scene similar, if not exact to the one on the packaging?" What a fun idea to "present" a set!

Scene made by me

Scene on the packaging

What you think? Here was what the scene looks like from a far distance. The pink "surface" was actually pink felt that I had taken out of my craft drawer and laid out to mimic the table on the packaging.


  1. Hi Wanda hope you're doing well. You did a good job they look so yummy haha.
    Check out this, you received an award!

    1. Aww thanks for both the comment and the award! :D Turns out that folding origami is more time consuming than it really is!


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