Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Surprise Gifts from Friends

Hello everyone!

This is once again going to be just another quick post. I'm trying to get into the habit of posting as frequently as I can, and an easy way for me to do that is basically through quick posts. That does not mean that I will be stopping my beloved long posts however. It just means that they will be postponed for the time being. ^^; So bear with me there!

Anyway, this time I had received some surprise belated birthday gifts from two very good friends of mine, which was very nice of them since I was not expecting such things. xD I had gotten a ring and a headband.

The ring is very sparkly and has a big pink gem in the center. 

The headband is very nice. It has two big pink gems on either side surrounded by rosettes and sparkly glass beads. I like how the center has a white rose along with some "dangly bits". It adds to the whole girly look of the headband. 

Unfortunately, it looks like some of the beads came off during transit, as seen here. :( But where are the rest of the beads?

Oh.... there they are...

Fortunately, not all hope is lost, for I can easily repair it back up and possibly make it better than ever! Anyway, those are my gifts! I cannot wait to wear them, but not until I finish fixing up the headband. 


  1. that hairband is SO CUTE...too bad it broke :( But it definitely looks fixable :)

    1. Thanks! ^^ Yeah it's unfortunate that it broke, but it is definitely something I repair back to it's original state. At least I hope so...


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