Sunday, 24 April 2011

Once Upon a Time...

There is a first time for everything. Starting a blog isn't an exception and I guess the prospect of typing up a first post is both intimidating and interesting. Intimidating since I'm not quite sure how to start off (Did I type this correctly? Have I missed anything crucial that I need to add in? etc.) and interesting since starting a blog is like making your first steps in the great unknown. You can never know what you are going to expect once you are out there. Of course, I could just be making this out to be a bigger deal than what it really is.

Why did I create a blog? Before I had created this blog, I was (and still is) on the hunt for anything himegyaru-related. Blogs, images, the usual Jesus Diamante website, you name it. It didn't occur to me back then, but while I was searching, I noticed that there weren't a lot of active hime blogs. Of course, there are definitely exceptions, such as the famous Violet LeBeauxStarre Princess, and even The Princess in Training. There are possibly plenty more out there that I'm not aware about, but I mostly found active content relating to the above blogs. In my never-ending quest to achieving the full himegyaru lifestyle, I figured that keeping a blog will help keep track of my progress. That and possibly helping out any others interested in the himegyaru lifestyle.

Now with all that being said, it's time for the journey to begin, starting with "Once upon a time"...



  1. Wah~! I was mentioned <3 I mean, I'm sure it was only by default, but still! :P

    It's true, for a while, there really weren't that many Hime-kei blogs out there. In fact, it seems like Hime-kei has gained a bit in popularity just recently, because some of the ones I'm seeing are actually pretty new. It's either people like you who just decided to start a blog or people who used to like Lolita and are starting to migrate here (now that the line is becoming more and more blurred with all of the sharing happening).

    Anyway, there's a Facebook page called "I want to be/am a Hime-Gyaru, which has a wonderful selection of Hime-Gyarus and many of their blog links, if you can get on there to see them. Some girls update more than others, and not all of them are full time Himes, but still, check them out.

    Also, there's at least one other Hime-Gyaru blog that they don't have posted there, and it's from the girls of Jesus Diamante. It's mostly just photos of their trips and new dresses that come in, but if you go far back enough in their entries, one of them (Fujiko, I believe) has a bunch of hair tutorials involving hair pieces. You can tell because she'll usually have a close up of her hair. Of course, it's all in Japanese, so you'll have to break out a translator, and then try to reinterpret those words again into useable English, but they are EXTREMELY helpful.

  2. @Aimiya Thank you Tiffany! That's a big help and that's good news for the himegyaru fashion. Yeah I'm also starting to notice the rise in himegyaru lately, especially the migration from lolita. Which is a good thing, always good to have more princesses around ^^. I think this saying fits the current status of himegyaru: "A phoenix rising from the ashes".

    Haha I guess if you can't find any active ones, there's always the JD girls to go back on xD


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