Monday, 25 April 2011

Changing from Ordinary to Princess

What's in the ordinary? What's in the princess? Sometimes when I'm not busy with the usual business that is life, I ponder back onto these questions. It's not only the questions, but the whole idea of the transition from something ordinary to something glamorous or "out there", such as a princess.

I have to admit, almost all of my life revolves around the ordinary or the normal, and I don't have a tendency to stand out or find any appeal in standing out. I had and have been a "wallflower" in every sense. I also have a tendency with speaking in soft tones or at least speak very quietly. I am very sensitive towards other people and don't want them to hear what I'm saying. All in all, I am a very shy person. I wasn't as bad as before, where even I had trouble talking to other people or at least try to avoid talking to other people. I can now talk to other people with no problems, albeit with a few some stuttering here and there. Due to my wallflower personality and quiet nature, I tend to have a modest lifestyle, which generally includes my fashion choices. Throughout most, if not all of my entire life, school tends to be the main focus along with the occasional game. I was very studious and tend to not focus on girly things such as makeup, nails, and shopping. In fact, I used to hate shopping, since it was so boring and the only time I went out shopping back then was with my mom. I guess in a way (could be a very big way) I am making up for that now and it all started when one of my friends introduced me to the wonderful concepts of shopping and fashion (yes, I was that deprived).

As for how I exactly got into the Himegyaru lifestyle, I am not exactly sure how long I have been into the style, but it definitely had been a while, way before I had started the blog. I recall that I had seen a few stuff relating to "Hime" while browsing on my favourite deco site, Fullmoon. Me being the curious person that I am had decided to investigate (who wouldn't be curious?). Turned out that the Hime stuff that I was looking at was indirectly linked to Himegyaru, judging by the browsing and searching that I had done. To my pleasant surprise, himegyaru was (and still is) depicted as being a very girly and frilly style. At first I was just looking at the style, amazed at how "princess-like" (duh xD) they were, but I guess I wasn't fully into the style until later on when I came across the style again.  It was at that moment that I decided to fully pursue the Hime style and learn everything there is to be one, though I had help from Violet's blog and was fully inspired by Violet's bravery as a himegyaru, despite a possibility of getting weird looks. 

Sometimes I wonder about whether or not the transition from being that of an ordinary person to that of a princess will be drastically different and if it will be worth it. Obviously it will impact my life in a big way, considering that I did not change at all since my high school years (what one of my friends apparently said...) and making such a drastic change in a short amount of time will definitely take some getting used to. Will I get weird looks as a himegyaru? Probably. It will be a given that any fashion that's very out there will get the weird looks. Now I have to admit that I don't exactly take criticism well (still working on getting tougher skin) and this alone might be the end of my himegyaru style ventures, but just like anything in the world, even fashion can be a learning experience and the hime style will be just that, a learning experience that will build up as you grow and learn while looking fabulous. Will the transition from ordinary to princess be drastically different? Of course it will be. Will the transformation be worth it? In my mind yes because:

"You can do anything if you put your mind to it."

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