Saturday, 30 April 2011

New Bags!

Hello everyone.

Yesterday was very exciting, with lots of TV broadcasts focusing on the royal wedding between William and Kate. Everything was so wonderful and beautiful, which as a wedding (and a very famous one at that), is to be expected. I find it amazing that it is like a fairytale coming true, with a real happily ever after. I'm usually one to believe that fairy tales are real and can exist in reality, so this was "the frosting on the cake" (also a big believer in cakes) and was very exciting to watch. So a late congratulations to the couple!

Anyway, I was suppose to post this yesterday, but late night fatigue combined with a frustrated night with the camera's batteries made me tired (which took me forever with taking a few pictures). I might need to buy some new rechargeable batteries if the current ones aren't cutting it. I was also looking up tutorials on replacing my Home/Newer/Older Post links with images, but more on that later. So yesterday my mom gave me two new bags, which I didn't discover until I opened my closet door. They are not the regular bags found in any bag store/department, but are the bags that you can only get if you buy something dollars or more in cosmetics or fragrances (You: Oh no. You don't mean... Me: Yup! Makeup bags! :D).

Makeup Bag #1

This makeup bag came from the Shiseido line. As you can see from the picture, it is really colourful. Lots of overlapping coloured circles as far as the eye can see. The colours are purple, light pink, dark pink, yellow, beige, grey, and white. For some reason, the grey colour sparkles. The bag is a medium size.  

The inside of the bag has no zippers/smaller compartments/pockets. Nothing is inside the bag other than some tissue paper and a piece of paper with more information on Shiseido. The bag can be zipped up and the zipper has the brand name on it. The whole bag has a smooth feel to it, including the inside.

Thoughts: I really love the mix of colours on this bag. All of the colours on the bag go so well together. Might be a little hard to coordinate with my outfits with the exception of black and white, but I'm sure that I will manage. What really bothers me though are the straps, since they have the smooth feel to it along with everything else (oh well, just have to get used to it). Not only are the straps smooth, but they have a rough feel to them as well. Other than that, I like everything else about the bag. However, I don't want the bag to look like the other generic makeup bags, so I might alter it to give it the Hime look. 

Makeup Bag #2


This makeup bag came directly from the Bay line. The picture that you are seeing right now is how the bag originally looked when you first got it. The bag is in a black dust bag that's also sitting in a plastic bag. One thing that is different from the previous bag is that while you get the previous bag for free with a something dollars or more purchase, you still have to pay an additional $10 to get this bag. According to the Bay, the retail value of this bag is $100 O-O.

This is what the dust bag looks like. I took these pictures at night, so the flash took away some of the colour.


The bag in all its glory. The bag doesn't seem to be a makeup bag, considering it's a very large bag. It is more like a tote. This is the front side of the bag. There is a long zipper at the top as well as on the sides on the bottom. The pocket at the top is moderately deep and surprisingly enough, there are pockets on the bottom, though I'm not going to be using them and the bottom zippers are probably there for aesthetics purposes. The front also has a Bay charm.

A closeup of the Bay charm.

The back of the bag. There is nothing on the bag except for small gold studs and four studs on the bottom, presumably to hold it up on the ground.

The inside of the bag. There is nothing in here except for a piece of cardboard. The top of the bag has a snap closure for easier closing and opening. Just like most bags, this bag has the typical cell phone pocket, the pocket that's beside the cell phone pocket, and the zipper, which is on the other side of the cardboard. The whole bag has a leathery feel.

Thoughts: I really love this bag. It is very large and I can see myself using this bag for school along with other times if I feel like carrying a large bag. It is completely black, so the potential in adding a "Hime touch" is there (though I'm not sure whether or not to do that yet). Unlike the first bag, I love the straps on this bag. It is still smooth, but more of a leathery smooth than a polyester-ique type of smooth and it is easier to put on and take off my shoulder. Considering that the retail value of the bag is $100 and you pay 1/10th of the price, that's a pretty good deal (despite me not actually paying for it ^^;).

Until next time.


  1. Aha! I can help with that
    coding part~

    Just replace the red parts with the image source (img src) part of your image code after you've uploaded it somewhere.

    But you may have to set your image background transparencies (and also set the code to make the borders disappear from around images, if you're not into that either) first if you haven't done so already.

    Also, love your second bag <3
    Ack--! Just discovered, your fixed comment box size cuts off the capcha. If I try to stretch it out to see it, the Post Comment and Preview buttons disappear and you can't bring them back until you refresh the page! I had to hit tab to insert anything into it.

  2. @Aimiya Thank you for the comment. Also, thank you with the coding. It was very helpful. ^^ I wasn't kidding when I said that the black bag is very large haha Thank you for notifying me of the fixed comment box. I guess I didn't really have much of a problem with it when I was "testing" it earlier :/ I guess you can say that my blog is still in the "adjustment" stages. So I really appreciate the feedback. :)


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