Thursday, 11 December 2014

Blog revelations and renovation plans

Hello everyone.

Before I start, let me ask you the following:

Do you ever have one of those revelations where things are just not going right for you in general, or that the goals you had achieved so far is a far-cry from the goals you had in mind when you started?  Do you ever feel that you are not motivated enough to bring your goals to life?

Congratulations! You had just discovered what I have been going through for the past months (no sarcasm intended, I swear)!

While it disheartens me to say this, I feel that ever since the transition in styles from Hime to Lolita, I have been having a difficult time keeping up with what used to be my weekly blog schedule and acquiring as well as maintaining the motivation to keep the blog going. Could it be that I am not trying hard enough or is it that I had lost the flame that keeps me blogging from day one? I suppose another possible cause would be that I had been very lazy with maintaining the blog, and that I had been dreading the idea of coming on here or *gasp* fathom the idea of coming on here.

While I could rant more on the subject, I feel that you guys had already read enough on that as it is, so I'm going to spare you further details on that topic and give you more information on my current state of affairs. I feel that I owe it to you for that part at least.

As of right now, I am currently job hunting and trying to find work in the field that I had studied in (accounting). So far I am having no luck due to a lack of jobs that require little-to-no related work experience, which I am trying to obtain. Apparently just only having a degree doesn't cut it in the current job market. On the side, I am trying to work through a ton of craft ideas and trying to bring my ideas to life with limited success, either due to work or family commitments/errands. In addition, I am trying to improve my Lolita coordinates. I feel that I am doing a good job so far in terms of colour and theme matching, but just like with the Hime style I feel that I could definitely improve, especially in the makeup/hair/being elaborate categories. It seems that my heart and goals are in the right place. Yet my motivation and drive are not there.

With that being said, I am going to renovate my blog to have a fresh start and possible have a fresh perspective on my current outlook in the blogosphere. This would mean that it would take me a while to come up with a new theme (hopefully not too long), and as a result I will be on a long hiatus. I only wish that you would all bear with me in the meantime and I wish you all luck with your goals! 


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