Sunday, 26 May 2013

Hanging out with a friend and a followup with Yumetenbo

Hello everyone!

I had been contemplating on creating a lifestyle post or "life-post", a post that basically goes on about the daily happenings that takes place in my life. I haven't created one as of yet, and am a bit hesitant to do so, since I am still a bit private when it comes to personal affairs. However, it doesn't hurt to try out new things, and that is exactly what I am going to do here! Also, I am pretty sure that you all might be getting bored from my constant haul posts, which I will be doing in this post later on anyway! xD Really need to start getting on the craft train already!

Anyway, I hung out with my friend on Victoria Day, which was on last Monday. I will not mention her name for privacy reasons, but we had mainly gone to H&M for our shopping needs. :) Here are a couple of outfit shots that I had taken while I was in the change room. I was very excited about this outfit, since I had gotten the opportunity to incorporate a couple of my latest Yumetenbo pieces into it.

Dress: Yesstyle
Cardigan: Yumetenbo
Accessories: Taobao (Necklace), Claires (Bracelet), Gift (Ring), Ardene (Headband)
Shoes: Yumetenbo 

I tried out two lavender/lavender-tone dresses. I realized that up until now I did not really have any dresses that are in lavender, something that I was hoping to change with this shopping excursion. Unfortunately there were not a lot of pastel clothes to choose from compared to a month ago when they used to have them in abundance, but I had managed to still find a moderate selection in one section of the store. The lavender dress that has a bluish tone to it was originally picked out by my friend, but she had passed it on to me. She had decided to pick out a red version instead. 

I really love both dresses, but just like any other dress I could not for the life of me decide which one I should get. I eventually had decided on getting the lavender/blue dress to match with my friend getting the same style dress in the red colour. Hurrah for dress twinnies! :D

After shopping a bit around H&M along with a couple of other stores, we headed over to Sakana Grill for their 2-5pm special. We had ordered our usual that consists of a love boat filled to the brim with sushi, sashimi, tempura, dumplings, chicken with teriyaki sauce, and seasoned rice. In addition to the love boat, we had also ordered miso soup, lobster rolls that were on special at the time, and Kyoto tacos. A couple of the food pictures were incomplete, since we didn't have anything before our shopping trip and were too hungry to wait around. Overall, we had a fun time!

Here was my purchase from that day.  I can't wait to coordinate the dress in future outfits, especially since I will be working with a lavender-blue combination!

My Yumetenbo package had arrived as of last Friday, which I was really excited about. If you had read my last post, I had basically ordered a bunch of dresses and tops along with a couple of shoes. As usual, the package came quickly, which is an awesome part to ordering from Yumetenbo.

As a reminder, this post is just a follow up to the other post I had made. Please refer to the other post for more information in regards to the sizes and colours ordered.

I got this dress after it went on sale. I needed some more dresses in plain pink after recently going through my wardrobe and realizing that I have way too many floral dresses now (funny how that works). I really love the bows on the front and the huge bow on the back. The bow on the back came already attached to the dress. However, the two pins located on the ends of the bow were not pinned onto the dress, and therefore were squished in a folded position during transit and leaving folded marks. I had already taken the bow off of the dress, so hopefully the folded marks should disappear overtime. In comparison to the two dresses that I had bought, I feel that this dress is the sturdier of the two.    

This dress was a must-have after seeing it a while back on pre-order. It was a bit expensive, but worth getting, especially after missing out on the previous princess tiered dress that I had seen before with the long sleeves! I really like the bows and of course the tier on the back. One unfortunate thing I could say in regards to this dress is that the chiffon material feels thinner than the one on the other dress, so I will definitely have to treat this dress with care.  

Apparently I seem to have the opposite problem in regards to tops. In other words, I have a ton of plain colour tops, but not enough of patterns, particularly floral. After seeing this top came out, I immediately nabbed the floral pink one while they still have them in stock. I apologize for not taking a picture of the top itself. After scouring through my phone, I realized that I had forgotten to take a picture of it, so you are going to have to settle for a picture of me wearing it. If there is one negative thing that I have to say about the top, it is that the buttons are as usual a bit loose. Overall, I am quite satisfied.

 After coming across this camisole on the website, I am kind of surprised that they still have them in stock. I mean these camisoles are quite cheap for what you are getting ($6 is nothing to laugh at) and they come with diagonal lace with the detachable bow! It cannot get any better than that! Anyway, I had gone with the pink colour at first, but eventually took a risk and went with the white A colour instead and I am really happy with the choice. Nothing to complain in regards to this piece. However, I would like to address a review that I had found on the website in regards to the thinness and transparency of the fabric. It did not really feel all that thin to me, and as you can see from the photo above, it felt solid, although that could be just specifically in my case. There are also no stains or marks that could be found on the bow.   

I had finally jumped onto the heart heel bandwagon, or at least for however how late I am anyway. I was a bit hesitant on buying these at first, since even for the heels being 9cm, they still look high in the pictures. However, these heart heels, like most of the heels I had come across, have a platform so to make the actual heel height not seem so high and I had gotten these because of that. I originally wanted these in baby pink, but they had sold out so I got the blue instead. Why blue, you might ask? I figured that since I already have a blue dress and a blue bag, I might as well go all the way and nab some blue shoes as well. Plus, none of the other colours had interested me.

In terms of quality, the shoes feels well-built. Unlike other shoes with thin heels, the heart heels feels thick and sturdy when I was trying them out. Surprisingly enough, they did not really hurt my feet while I was walking in them. You would expect the heart heels to dig into your feet sometime later, but they felt comfortable to walk in.  

Lastly, I had gotten yet another pair of heart heels, but this time in black, and with three bows instead of a rose and string of pearls. I desperately needed a pair of black shoes for quite some time after scouring through my closet for a pair and not being able to find any. As you can see, details are very hard to spot in black anything, but I tried my best to take advantage of the lighting.

In terms of quality and wear, they are similar to the other pair of heart heels with the exception that these have a lower heel height and have ankle straps. These ankle straps have snap-closures to enable an easier time with putting on the shoes. Overall, I am quite satisfied with both shoes, and am forever grateful to Yumetenbo for making shoes with lower heel heights in comparison to the shoes that they had made in the past.    


  1. I like first outfit <3 cute shoes <3
    Nice shopping! I like both pink dresses <3 <3 <3 And u got Yumetenbo shoes in blue - I dream about this shoes exactly in blue version!!<3

    1. Thank you Rose! ^^ I am finally excited to have gotten some pink dresses instead of floral for once! I suppose that we can now be shoe buddies if you get a pair! :D

      Also, it could be just me, but for some odd reason I cannot access your blog. Can you look into it? Please and thank you! ^^

  2. You got some cute stuff! I love those black heels too cute :)

    1. Thank you Emma! :D I really needed a black pair, and I finally have a pair!

  3. I like life posts, since it makes me feel more connected to the person. Like, it makes me more aware that there's a human on the other side of the screen, you know? I wish I could do more myself, but it's usually just work and home for me, lol. When I actually do something, it's usually by myself since my friends are either too far away, too busy, or aren't really into shopping and girly stuff.... Sometimes a mixture of those three. XD

    Those are some pretty cute items! Will you be venturing out into Hime makeup soon? Also, we can be kinda shoe buddies with those blue ones! It looks like they went back to the old lace, which is sad, since the other lace is much softer and way cuter.

    1. Aww thanks for the lovely comment! Personally I feel the same way when it comes to life posts. The reason I haven't really done one until now was that I do not really do anything interesting. xD I personally feel that my life is really bland, especially when making comparisons with full-fledged hime like Sui or Himena. I don't really travel and not a lot of my friends are into the same interest as me. ._. I figured out that I might as well take the opportunity to do one when something eventful DID happen, like last Monday!

      Anyway, thank you! I had been contemplating on doing some Hime makeup, but I need to buy myself some contacts or circle lenses first. I feel that glasses would not really help "emphasize" any Hime makeup attempts that I do right now. I will take your word for it when it comes to the shoes, since I honestly have no clue what their shoes were like a while back! xD


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