Wednesday, 1 May 2013

An Extensive Rakuten Yumetenbo Review Part 2

This blog post is just a continuation from the previous review that I had done on Yumetenbo. The link to that blog post can be found here. 

Just like with the other part of the blog post, this part of the review is going to be just as extensive, though it will only "truly" be extensive in the sense of constant picture spamming of detailed product shots.

Shipping and Delivery Time

My package had arrived on April 25, 2013. On my previous post, I had mentioned that they had shipped out my package on April 19, 2013. With that in mind, this meant that the package had been in transit for about 4 days, which is shockingly quick, since the package was coming all the way from Japan. Then again, this might be part of the EMS shipping service, since a fast shipping time was and is one of the well known benefits of EMS. Overall, I am quite happy with the shipping time.

After being delivered, the package was huge! It reached up to about where my knees are, and I am a pretty tall individual. What I find surprising about the whole thing was that I did not actually get charged for duties, despite the fact that I had made a huge purchase of about 200+ CAD. Not going to complain. The package itself came in a good state, with all of the items either wrapped up in plastic bags (for the clothes) or stowed away in shoe boxes (for the shoes). There were some empty spots when I had opened up the package, but they were filled with crumpled up pieces of hard paper to stop the items from moving while in transit. Overall, I am quite happy with the packaging.

The Items Themselves

Before we start, I would like to say that this review is going to be a bit different from all of the previous reviews that I had done. For instance, I don't show the clothes being worn after buying them, but I am going to show them worn this time, since I felt that it is very important to get the sizing down for this particular brand line of clothes. In addition, it could help out anyone that plans on making a purchase from the store sometime soon and that are looking for information on sizing like I was. Just for a frame of reference, I am 5"6 and I usually wear a US size M. For this very reason, I had gotten everything in either a L or a LL, depending on the actual size measurements given out and the availability of the particular item at the time.    

Princess Back Tiered Coat (L, Pink)

Detailed Shots

Worn Pictures

Pros: Good quality, very detailed, moderately thick, comes with extra buttons, coat conforms with size measurements as posted

Cons: Expensive (was still $80+ even after sale), buttons feels loose, feels heavy when lifting

Thoughts: I have to admit, what had initially drawn me to this coat other than the super cute details everywhere was the tier on the back. At first, I was really worried about the coat being sold out in M in this colourway, since I really wanted the coat in that size and I had thought that it would be a bit too big on me. Eventually I had come across a post that had said that the coats were a bit on the small size, so I figured that it should be okay to buy it in a L.

Fortunately the coat wasn't that large on me. It is loose enough to be able to fit a sweater underneath or several layers of tops, for which is welcomed, since the Canadian winters can be quite harsh. The amount of details alone on this coat is really mind blowing. The coat has about everything that you could ever want in a hime coat: the back-tier, two bows on both the front and back, strands of pearls, faux fur, lace hem, bow pockets, and a lot of buttons. As you can see from the picture of the bag of extra buttons, there are exactly 4 extra buttons that can be used to fill up any "empty spots", which I am glad for. I feel that the buttons in general, especially the front ones are a bit loose, so I might just have to reinforce them. Just like with almost all coats that have faux fur on them, they can be detached for a more versatile look.

Overall, I really love the coat and I feel that it is well worth the money spent.      

Bear Sweater Parka Dress (LL, Mint Green)

Detailed Shots

Worn Pictures

Pros: Made of thicker material, sturdy, decently priced, bear ears!, soft and nice looking lace, dress conforms with size measurements posted

Cons: Loose thread on the bows on the heart pockets, The pink ribbons feel cheap

Thoughts: I got this parka dress after seeing it go on sale. I went for a mint green rather than the typical pink to counteract all of the pink clothes that I had been buying, even though there are a couple of pink on the dress itself. Unlike other dresses that are more on the chiffon side, this particular dress is build solid and will be able to last through a couple of seasons, if not more! Unfortunately there are a couple of loose threads here and there, and the buttons look a bit loose again, but it is something that I can fortunately fix in time. On the bright side, the dress can be worn outside of winter, since it is not that thick enough to be suffocating.
Overall, really love this dress!

Two Set Princess Leopard Bow Cardigan

Detailed Shots

Worn Pictures

Cardigan closed

Cardigan opened

Pros: Good quality, solid in terms of thickness, cute features (bow, rose buttons), comes with a tank top, comes with an extra button, both cardigan and tank top conforms with size measurements posted

Cons: N/A 

Thoughts: I am going to be honest, I had only gotten this cardigan set just for the cardigan. The tank top was a bonus item, the icing on top of the cake so to speak. During the order process I was actually trying to decide between two cardigans. One of them was this and the other one was the following: Link. I eventually went with this one because not only does it come in a set, but it also looks much nicer and less cheap. I might ordered a size too big, since it felt a bit loose on me, which I will just keep in mind for future orders. Unlike the coat, the buttons feel solid on this one. 

Overall, really love the cardigan and I cannot wait to incorporate it into future outfits.

Ribbon Rose Sandal Heels

Detailed Shots

Worn Pictures

Pros: Good quality, comes with rose clips, versatile (can take the rose clips off), comfortable to wear, has zippers on the back to enable easier wearing, low heel

Cons: White in colour (could get dirty easily)

Thoughts: I had seen these sandal heels back in a promotional spring photo before they had been officially released and it was a love at first sight. These sandal heels were too cute to not be picked up. At first I could not decide what colour I should get, but eventually settled for white since I felt that was the a "colour" that I did not have much of, and that baby pink and lavender were already sold out by the time I had gotten to them. The website stated that the heels were 7cm in height, but it honestly did not feel that high once I had tried them on. What I really love about these shoes has definitely got to be the roses. 
Low Wedge Ribbon Heels

Detailed Shots

Worn Pictures

Pros: Very cute, goes well with any Hime outfit, low wedge (easy to walk around in), decent price, bows!, versatile

Cons: The bow strap portion of the wedge was a bit tight when I had first worn it

Thoughts: Ever since I had seen these cute and adorable wedges last year, I had been anxiously waiting to get myself a pair. Now that I had gotten one, I have to say that it was quite a unique experience to wear it. Now I am quite sure that as you are all aware, I had ordered these cute babies in 24.0cm, which should technically correspond to a L in terms of equivalent sizing, which is the sizing that I usually get on Yumetenbo. Apparently they seem to be a little bit small for my feet after trying them on, since the ends of my food went past the edge of the wedges on the back. Now I am quite uncertain if the number sizing varies from the letter sizing that I am accustomed to, but since they only went past a little bit, I had no trouble walking in them other than the slight pressure around my feet.

Overall, I like these shoes.

Interchangeable Bow Lolita Boots


Detailed Shots

Worn Pictures

Pros: Good quality, very sturdy, versatile (comes with bows that can be taken off), moderately priced, low heel, has soft "fur" inside to keep the feet warm

Cons: White colour (can be easily dirtied)

Thoughts: I originally got these boots as an alternative to the typical mouton boots or "uggs" that Yumetenbo currently has on their website. I was actually looking for a pair of ankle length boots that would work quite well for the winter season and I figured that these pair would do. Now I am not certain if these were made for spring or not. They look like they were made for spring, but they have fur inside so I am not quite sure. None-the-less, they are really cute and I am quite glad to have gotten a pair. The bows on the sides are connected to the bands that wound around the boots, and these bands can be pulled off if you want a more simple look. The heel is not bad and is quite easy to walk in. However, given that the only sizes available were LL, they feel a little big on my feet, but that could be easily fixed by just wearing socks, which I usually do for the winter anyway. Just like with the sandal heels, these would probably have to be cleaned on a daily basis due to the white colour. 

Overall, really pretty boots and I cannot wait to try them out for the next winter.


  1. The coat is beautiful! ❤

  2. OMG!!! *_* I am so jealous! Lot of cute stuff! I love this coat, looks better than the pictures shop, I love this color. Ribbons, pearls and lace at the back makes it looks so pretty and Princess like <3 Princess pink cardigan look so sweet <3 has nice buttons <3 but I don't like this Leopard shirt. Cute shoes <3 Lovely shopping! :]

    1. Thank you again Rose! ^^ I am very glad to have gotten the coat, since I fell very much in love with it! <3

  3. Oh beautiful things you got!
    I wish I could buy from Yumetenbo store too, but they don't use Paypal -_- and I don't want to use a expensive shipping service D:
    But the clothes looks great, also the quality! ^_^
    great review!

    1. Thank you! ^^ I will have to admit that Yumetenbo's shipping cost is a killer that is close to that of shopping services, but I think that it is quite worth it for cute clothes that you cannot get anywhere else! :)

  4. Lavenrose.I read your blog about review of yumetenbo items and i like it.I try to order from yumetenbo for the first time.I got a confirmation email and even tracking number.Yumetenbo said i can receive my items about 1 week after i receive my tracking number.They said they will send my item using USPS(united states postal service).But i've waited for 1 week and nothing happen.I checked my tracking number on japan post and even usps post but i saw that it mentioned insufficient address in usps website and unknow adress =>send back to the sender in japan post website.I read those letters that they've sent me before it seems that they forget to put my zip code in the items after sending.I wrote letter in japanese to ask that if they could check where my items is .And they said they can't check my item ,may be it's still in america,i have to check myself.What a great customer service!!I don't know what to do.Can u tell me your experience of buying clothes from yumetenbo?


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