Wednesday, 7 November 2012

What I have been up to for the past two weeks

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time since I had posted! In fact, it has been roughly two weeks, give or take. So why so long? Well, it all comes down to this: during the past two weeks, my parents went on a cruise trip to the states and took the camera with them, leaving me camera-less for those two weeks. Pretty fun right? Not really. Not if most of your posts are pictures-related that is. I'm quite sure that I can do a post without having the need to post up pictures all the time, but I find that it will not be as "fun" as if you were to post a blog post with pictures. Not as much enjoyment, since what is the joy in reading a blog post without pictures? There must be a sort of balance, just like there is balance in every aspect of life.

Anyway, for the first day of the first week, I found this cute phone charm at one of the local shops in Pacific Mall for $9. It looked very similar to one of the puffy flower charms that I had found on Strapya World, but with the addition of pearls, which is always a nice thing to have. Not sure what I'm going to be putting the charm on (key chain, phone, 3DS, etc.), but I'm sure I will be able to think of something when I get to that point!

Sometimes when I'm on break from classes, I would roam around the "food court" area on campus, which during one of my roams I had came across a booth selling cheap jewelry and makeup! I bought a couple pieces of jewelry after spotting a couple of cute ones, since I'm naturally a jewelry addict and it would be a crime not to! 

I had been looking for this particular bracelet style for quite some time now, so I was so happy when I found it at the booth. It has everything that I liked, such as the leather-woven chain, large pearls and crystal beads, and a strand of sparkly rhinestones. Though I found that the charm was an interesting attachment, what with it being an "Australian" coin and what-not.

I don't own a lot of red accessories in general, so I picked these up. Plus, they would make great additions for the Spring Festival!

I think that out of all the jewelry that I had picked, this has been my most indecisive one. I was really debating whether or not I should get one like the above. On one hand, it's a large ring that's a little bit on the heavy side. On the other hand, it's a poodle...

Crown ring. Need I say more?

I'm pretty sure as you are all may be aware or unaware, I decided to dress up as a Lolita (particularly a Classic Lolita) for the Halloween event. Unfortunately as I had mentioned before, I did not have a camera at the time, so I got a Polaroid taken instead. 
So after the two weeks, my parents eventually came back from their trip, and had apparently gotten both my sister and I some gifts! 

Rose clips in black, red, and pink, though the red looks dark brown in the picture. The roses heavily reminded me of Anna Sui.

A beaded bracelet that can be customized.

My parents had bought several boxes of these as a souvenir from their cruise. They each had a matching theme of sorts, whether it be colour or for a specific age group. I had gotten the what I had dubbed "classic/feminine" box, made up of a rhinestone-studded watch, bracelet, and necklace. My sister wanted the bracelet, hence the missing bracelet.

My mom had gotten me some clothes from Banana Republic! :D

The sweater looks black in the picture, but it is really purple.

Lastly, the 3DS game, StyleSavvy: Trendsetters, had just recently came out! ^^ I just had to get this game ever since I had played the demo, and it turned out surprisingly addicting! Definitely will be a game that I won't regret purchasing and a must-have for any fashionista!


  1. This poodle is so cute <3

    Love your hair <3

    1. Thank you! ^^ I was really debating getting that ring, but I'm glad that I did!

  2. Love love love the crown ring! Looks like you should send your parents on vacation more often! They bring back such nice gifts.

    1. Thank you very much! ^^ Hehe I should shouldn't I?

  3. I like your new items especially the rings and the watch! You looked cute as a lolita :) I think you're right about pictures in a blog post, a post without pictures is kinda boring :P. It pisses me when my Dad travels with the camera leaving me sort of "disabled"(don't know whether I'm using the appropriate word or not) because I can't say anything since he bought it with his money and I don't have the money to buy one myself haha.

    1. Aww thanks! ^^ I tried my very best to keep the look as authentic as possible, but a couple of things didn't really work out as I had hoped. -_- I really feel for you regarding the lack of a camera. I had that feeling as well. Oh well, that's the price of sharing a camera I guess! </3


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