Sunday, 18 December 2011

Cameo Necklace, Clutch Bag, and Pink Nintendo 3DS

Hello everyone!

So sorry for the lack of blogging that I had been doing over the month of December. Exam week had just hit and everyone is so busy cramming and studying for exams, me being no exception. Finally after what seems to be weeks upon weeks of pain and torture, I am now back for the time being. Unfortunately, the spare time only lasts until January, but hopefully I should be able to find some spare time here and there. Blogging is too much fun to have to put off for an extended period of time.

Awhile back before the exams had started, I was shopping around at Ardene and eventually got this cameo necklace after beating around the bush several times.

For a long time I have been into cameo accessories. They are very beautiful and elegant, as well as being commonly used in frilly styles such as himegyaru and lolita. I had frequently seen cameo necklaces come and go over the seasons at Ardene and Claires, but none had "reached" out to me like this one had. What I also like about this necklace is not only does it have a gold chain, but it also has a strand of pearls! The necklace was really screaming "buy me"!

Later on, my mom bought a gift pack filled with a bunch of Shiseido skincare products and gave me the gift that came with it, which was just basically a black clutch bag with a few sample Shiseido products inside.

The black clutch has a big bow on the side.

Love the addition of encrusted gems in the zipper tab.

Red velvet silk covers the interior of the bag.

The bag also came with a bio revitalizing cream, but I gave it to my mom. Nothing much to say about this bag except for "Yay! More samples!"

For a while until recently, I had been eagerly waiting for the pink version of the Nintendo 3DS. I wasn't as interested in the gaming system when it had first came out. Of course it doesn't help much when the only available colours that you can pick at the time were blue and black, and that the original price was at a wallet breaking point of $300! 

I have to admit though that at first I didn't actually think that the pink colour would be coming to North America, even with the rumours of a pink colour making its way here within a year. After all, rumours are suppose to be taken with a grain of salt! So imagine to my surprise when I had discovered an online Walmart flyer promoting the mentioned DS for a greatly reduced price of $169! What a deal right? But it does get better! It turned out that in addition to the price reduction (which I was already expecting, since it already got reduced earlier), Walmart was having a promotion where buying any colour Nintendo 3DS system can get you a $40 gift card and $20 rebate. The pink system came in a bundle rather than by itself, so I got a free game along with it, which was Nintendogs and Cats. -_-

The gaming system looks so shiny and brand new! I can't wait to play with it! Very satisfied with the purchase.
Anyway, now that I have plenty of free time on my hands, I will be able to get into crafting for a short period of time and hopefully will be able to post up any craft creations that I had managed to get done, so keep an eye out for that. 

Until next time!


  1. Everything is so cute! The 3DS is soooo shiny; my brother just got one as well (of course not pink but haha~) And yay for Nintendogs & Cats (to me)! xD;

  2. @Caylee ★ Aww thank you! <3 I love the 3DS too! It has a ton of new features that were not on my sister's DS lite xD Haha Not really fond of Nintendogs & Cats, but what can you do? The pink was a package deal. :/

  3. wow, what an awesome haul!! the necklace looks so beautiful and I would love to try those Shiseido goodies :P
    you have a lovely blog btw! :) maybe you would like to follow each other?

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  4. Love the pink ds and the cameos! My son is a ds junkie, so I know all about the search for the right color at the right price...I think he has 3 of them now! You got a fantastic deal!

  5. Ohmiglob! D:
    I'm so jealous of the pink 3DS! I bought one when they came out, and my (pink) DS lite happened to kick the bucket, so I needed a replacement. I wish I had been able to wait! I suppose blue isn't so bad, and I can always put a cover over it, but that's a lovely color!

    You should add me! My friend code is 2320-6189-5462. You should post yours here so we can add you! (You both have to have each other's codes before you can play together.)

    There's also a free app called swapnote, and a bunch of us lolitas and himegyarus have been adding each other to send each other cute doodles and purikura! :D

  6. @Maiken Thank you! ^^ I will definitely check your blog out!

  7. @Lady M Thank you very much! Your son has a ton of Nintendo DS! I only own one and my sister owns a DS Lite! I'm glad that it's times like these that I had waited. It is pretty much one of those "once in a lifetime" deals and definitely one you can't pass up.

  8. @Bunny Thank you! I don't blame you for not being able to wait. Waiting for the pink colour to come out was torture, especially if you weren't quite sure if it was going to come out or not! D:

    Anyway, my friend code is 0602-6651-4428. ^^

  9. nice Buys! The necklace is super pretty! ^^

  10. Really nice package. I have seen amount of gamers who are ready to pay bulk amount for colorful cases. I have also brought Nintendo 3DS with colorful cases. I have purchased Nintendo 3DS on Xmas. I have also got gift card along with Nintendo 3DS.
    r4 revolution

  11. @jemt waker Thank you! For the case, I am planning on buying a clear crystal case so I could deco my 3DS.


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