Friday, 27 December 2013

A Late Bodyline Order Post

Hello everyone!

Major apologies for neglecting my blog for so long! It has been pretty much forever since I had updated, and I truly felt bad about it. Since I am getting so close to finishing up my studies, I had been putting a greater focus on that rather than anywhere else. Sadly, this also (if you cannot tell already) had been negatively affecting my blog activities. I will try and make up for it for the upcoming couple of weeks, since winter break had just hit. Speaking of winter break, I cannot believe that Christmas is only a couple of days away! Yikes! Better get some shopping done!

Anyway, since I had not blogged in a long time, all of the news that I will be bringing to the table will be pretty much old news. This includes a Bodyline and Taobao lolita haul that I had made back in November, as well as my attendance at the anime convention in my city. Just for the sake of keeping posts short, I will be mainly blogging about the Bodyline order for the time being. In addition, I will not be doing a review, since I personally feel that most (if not all) Bodyline reviews had been done to death to the point where mostly everyone gets the general idea of how their order process goes, as well as their quality.

With that being said and done, let's get down to business! I had bought L329 JSK in pink sized M as well as two 251 "tea parties" lookalikes in colours white and pink. As the icing on the cake (and mainly as one of those "additional cheap things to throw in your cart to make the shipping worthwhile"), I had also purchased two pairs of wrist cuffs in 1078 pink and 1029 in off-white. Oddly enough, both wrist cuffs were "on sale" at the time, which was why I had bought them in the first place over the other wrist cuffs.

I had already promised that I will not be doing a review on Bodyline, but I would like to say that I had seem to have acquired a dress with more than the usual amount of loose thread hanging. This naturally had irritated me a little bit, since I had to snip off said loose threads, but overall was dealt with. Also, I would like to note that in regards to both pairs of shoes, I had gotten them in 24.5cm and they fit comfortably with a bit of space leftover for the tip of the foot. For references purposes, I am a US 7.5. Other than the above points, overall I enjoyed my purchases. However, I kind of wish that the JSK was a little bit longer, but alas that is not something that can be helped without the assistance of an underskirt. *sigh*

Though there is a somewhat funny story involved. You see, on the day that I had received the package or rather having to go pick it up from the post office, my mom had a work party near a casino on that exact same day that she wanted me to attend with her. Then I got it in my head that I should wear my new JSK and shoes to the party... Before you ask, I did not actually go all out, since I left my hair casual with only just a pearl headband, and since I don't really have a more poofy petticoat other than my old Bodyline one, which had already started to deflate...

The food was of the classical buffet nature and it was delicious, as you can see from the huge pile of food on my plate! In addition to the food, I had met this very nice girl that I had an awesome chat with and that I took pictures with! None the less, I had a wonderful time at the party and I got to even watch my mom dance (never had that happen before)! Don't mind the horrible flash, my camera is not exactly good with dark lighting. -_-

Once again, I would like to apologize for the lack of updating that I had been doing. 


  1. You're still alive~ woopie! I've missed your posts ;u;
    You got such cute items! I need those teaparty look alike shoes so badly (I'm glad to hear they fit pretty close to true sizing ^^)!
    Cute coord too.. oh what am I saying, you always look cute :v hehe

    A late Merry Christmas to you~ and have a fabulous New Year! /kissy ♥w♥

    1. Thank you Caylee! :D I can always count on you for some funzie comments! >o< Bodyline orders are fun, especially considering that Lolita as a whole is so expensive (as I'm quickly realizing)!

      A Merry Belated Christmas and a fabulous New Year to you too! ^3^ <3


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