Monday, 23 September 2013

Renmants of a past summer and some fashion contemplations

Hello everyone!

School had officially started for me about a two weeks ago, and ever since then I had not been able to create one blog post during that time frame! I will not guarantee that I will be able to have a stable blogging schedule, but I will definitely try my best to release a blog post during any free time that I might have had.

Also as a note, I would like to share some contemplations with you all at the end of the blog post in regards to my latest fashion choices.

First off, during the last month of summer heading right into the school month of September, I had worn the outfit on the right. Up until that time, I had not gotten the chance to wear this particular dress and I was so happy to have finally done so. As for the outfit on the left, congratulations! You are now looking at what I wore on the first day of school! ^^

Outfit 1 (Left) and Outfit 2 (Right)
Outfit 1
Dress: Yumetenbo
Accessories: Claires (Headband and necklace), H&M (Bracelet), Spring (Earrings)
Shoes: Shoe Warehouse (Not shown)

Outfit 2
Dress: Liz Lisa (Replica)
Shoes: Yumetenbo
Bag: Coach
Accessories: Gift (Headband)

Here is another picture shot of me, but not for outfit purposes. I just want to show the handmade choker that I was wearing at the time. It looks like it could be part of my top with the way it sits against my neck! 8D

Ages ago, I had placed an order at Yumetenbo, this time consisting of a handbag for my sister and this baby doll set. Bad idea! The baby doll actually made me look "stumpy" as well as a little "chubby". I will not wear this outside, but instead I am going to wear it as sleepwear.

I had made two hair accessories in lavender and red, mainly because I did not have those colour hair pieces in my wardrobe yet have the corresponding colours in terms of clothing. The lavender one I made entirely from scratch, but the red one was made out of an existing headband that I simply did not wear. It is very hard to when you don't exactly have any red dotted pieces in your wardrobe, so why not just simply revamp it to fit better?

There! Much better! I had made a large red bow with two felt roses in the foreground. The roses were made from felt paper using this tutorial.

Lastly, I had painted up and decorated a bland necklace wall hanger. My inspiration came from chiffon curtain-like fabric that hangs gracefully from canopies.

WARNING: Upcoming major wall of text! Proceed with caution!

As I was looking through other like minded blogs, whether it be of famous himegyaru, lolita, or just cute stuff in general, I had noticed an alarming increase in people changing, switching, or even leaving styles out of the blue. Not that I had been expecting people's style to remain the same. I do acknowledge the part where styles certainly do change, and I do and will continue to wish these people the best of luck in their future fashion endeavours. My heart had been set on being a himegyaru ever since my eyes had set sight on the shop girls photos over at Jesus Diamante and just how beautiful the overall style was. I had been very convinced since then that I personally will not change my style for the rest of my natural lifespan, or at least not in a long while. I had been very convinced that I will still remain the same person that had gotten into the style in the first place. What I haven't acknowledged and counted on is the fact that change can happen on a whim to just about anybody, and that nobody is safe from change. By anybody, I do mean anybody.

As you can probably guess, this had sort of happened to me. What do I mean by sort of? Well, I had not totally given up the fashion. Now this is where I stop beating around the bush. I had fallen in love with the lolita style. I didn't really want to admit it at first, but it is kind of hard to deny the facts when it is practically hitting you in the face in the form of a multitude of numerous reblogs on Tumblr. Generally, I am a lover of cute things deep down in the core (it just haven't emerged up until recently). Even back when I was a little girl, my favourite colour had been pink, which surprisingly enough it still is in the present along with lavender. So to find out that I secretly like lolita wasn't actually that much of a stretch. To find little elements of it in some of my wardrobe already even though I didn't dress in the style before however is.

Since I had wanted to stick so much to the rules, I didn't really want to admit that I love lolita. I had been adamant that himegyaru was and is all I yearn for, but it became futile in the end and I just ended up accepting it. The best part of it all is the irony behind the situation. While most people would get into the lolita style first and then later move onto bigger and better things, I had gotten into the himegyaru style first and ended up loving the lolita style later on.

Small bit of angst aside, it kind of sounds like I am going to renounce the hime name and move onto lolita category. I assure you, that is not my intent. In fact, I still really do love himegyaru and I will still strive for it even though it is still a long ways away before I can officially become one in essence. It is just that I now love the lolita style as well as the himegyaru style, and so will incorporate the style into my wardrobe just like what I had done for hime ages ago. It will probably be in essence a completely separate wardrobe in itself due to the strict guidelines that encompasses it (if nothing else, I do respect the guidelines), and I will probably need to clear out a chunk of space inside my closet, but I am quite confident that I can do it in the end.

Thank you for sticking by me.           


  1. Oh, Wanda~ ♥
    Your outfits are always so lovely and you're such a cutie! *w*
    I think it's wonderful that you're embracing the fact that you love lolita style just as well as himegyaru. That's pretty much how I am too, so I think it's fantastic! ^^♥ They really do become two separate wardrobes though, like you said. xD I hope you have lots of fun with it~

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment Caylee! ^o^ <3 I love seeing comments from you, they make me smile! :)

      Yeah, after seeing a ton of cute pictures of lolita on Tumblr, I got bitten reeeaaal bad. I guess that is a good thing? xD Haha We should totally be penpals to share our passion for the shared interests (no joke)! To be honest, I already had a gist of what I am getting into when I decided to pursue the lolita fashion. *is a long time lurker* >.> Hope that I can make it work though.

  2. Oh my gosh, your DIY skills are the definition of perfect <3333
    I totally understand what you're feeling right now. I never subscribed to a specific style, but my blog has an obvious hime theme. Nowadays I have trouble bringing myself to make tutorials of any kind, and I'm particularly tired of hime DIY >_>

    Ah well, good luck Wanda! I'm sure that the lolita community will be thrilled to have you :)

    1. Awww thank you Pearl! =^.^= Your DIY skills rock as well! I cannot get enough of your tutorials!

      I totally agree. Even though you did not outright state that you were into Hime, you definitely had that "Hime vibe" going on there, that's for sure! Awww so sorry to hear that your DIY motivation is slowly dying. :( You could always browse through Tumblr for some more inspiration posts, that's what I always do! xD Could almost always get me fired up to do some more DIY crafting goodness!

      Once again, thank you Pearl!

  3. It's really too bad I wasn't around my blog when you posted this forever ago. In fact, this is the probably the second time I've been to my blog in the past week!

    First things first, I really love that rose headband <3 I'm totally into fascinators right now, and I see things like that all the time going for $20!

    Anyway, to the heart of the matter, I'm really super proud of you ^_^ Well, you've read my blog, so you know I've been going through my own fashion transformation. I'm still trying to figure out how to accomplish what I want, lol. There's really no problem in liking both or even having one influence the other. In fact, one of my biggest influences is the Classic Lolita style, and it's because I was so inspired by the style that I decided to adjust my own. That's what's great about personal style. You don't have to be defined by one specific style, or even any at all! I read this quote some time ago, and it really rang true for me: you'll be happier when you dress to express, not dress to impress! Good luck on your style, and I'll keep hanging around until you randomly decide to get rid of your blog ^_____^ You'll be a lovely princess no matter what you try for!


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