Saturday, 9 March 2013

A sweet post Valentine's haul

Hello everyone!

I had just gone through two midterms in a roll this past week, and never in my whole entire life did I feel so free after finishing them (though it did felt like a long battle during those two days, what with not being able to eat, sleep, or even shower right). Anyway, before any of the school work or other commitments builds up again for this upcoming week, I should get to work on updating asap!

Unfortunately with a busy schedule, one cannot really afford to go anywhere or have eventful social lives, so I don't really have any tutorial or craft posts in the making despite my passion for the arts and crafts building each day, but I can still post up what I had gotten the past two to three weeks.

I had also noticed from the comments and past posts that I have the tendency to make extremely long posts from the backlog, and therefore will try to limit those to make them easier to read. Sorry about that! ^^;

Without further ado, let's get started!

A little bit after Valentine's Day was over, I had quickly gone over to Walmart to see if they were still selling their huge heart pillows on clearance, particularly the ones with the word "Princess" on them with a crown. Usually regular retail price are dictated at $14 for a pillow, but they go down to $7 after Valentine's Day is over. I had really wanted one for quite some time, since I tried before and couldn't get them last year. Unfortunately, I still couldn't get them this year, which it seems like I never do, but I did end up walking away with a couple of cute things to compensate for my time searching.

I got this pretty "bear in a garden" home decor for my room. I thought that it was so pretty with the garden fence and the roses and leaves lining the fence and archway, with the bear sitting cozy inside. It was originally $7.47, but I got it on clearance for about $3.

Though apparently it is more than just a room decor, since there is a battery cover when I turned it upwards. As for what the battery is used for, I am not sure. When I asked the cashier, she said that the bear can dance, but who knows. 

I also got this cute dog plush, which I named Rosanna. I usually don't look at the plush section whenever doing any after season shopping, but I couldn't resist getting one after looking through the moderate size section of the plush toys. Being marked down to $5 from $9.96 helped a lot as well. It is not often that you come across moderately sized plush toys for less than $10!
I went to the mall with my mom and sister to buy some more products at Bath and Body Works. I ended up getting the Paris Amour scent in both body butter and lotion form.  As to why, don't ask... >>

Now I usually don't eat macarons a lot, if at all, since they are usually hard to come by in the area where I live in. So I actually got excited after hearing that there was a bake sale where they were selling a ton of macarons in a variety of different flavours and colours. I had only just gotten two, though I much prefer the pink one.

Remember that mint colour sweater dress that I had gotten a while back? My mom had bought me some more, but in pink and dark red! ^^ <3

Just to finish up this post, my grandma came back from her trip to China and had gotten me a huge Hello Kitty plush along with a soft fleece Hello Kitty blanket! Just to demonstrate how cheap China can be in terms of product costs, the HK plush cost her about $30 RMB, which is just about only $5 in Canadian dollars. Usually it would cost at least $40+ to buy a similar HK plush of this caliber in Chinatown!



  1. Lol, when I was reading your post, I couldn't help but think of that meme with the triangle that has corners labeled "social life," "good grades," and "sleep," then at the bottom it says "pick two."

    That sounds like your life :p

    The stuff you got is really cute! The pink sweater dress is sooo pretty :O

    PS- I sent you an email ^^

    1. Sorry for the late response. xD I just let time get away from me don't I?

      Anyway, I guess you could say that would make somewhat of an analogy on the whole thing. Also, thank you for the comment!

      I will try to make the tag sometime later, since I am currently in the middle of exams at the moment. Who knows?


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