Friday, 25 January 2013

Past Month Shenanigans

Hello everyone!

It seems to me that I cannot update asap to save my life, major apologies! Though to be a bit honest, I actually have not one, but two upcoming quizzes in a couple of days, but I figured that I might as well take this time to update on past happenings. It really isn't much, but it felt like I have done a ton of things in such a short amount of time. While I was browsing through the camera and my phone, I had noticed that I have a ton of photos that I had taken over the past month or so. So I figured, why not? This calls for picture spamming time! :D

First off, during the holiday break, my mom had gotten me two pairs of leggings along with the Nina Ricci Fantasy perfume! I had always been a fan of the fragrance ever since the debut, so I was so happy once I had gotten it! I had also loved how intertwined the fantasy concept is with the packaging, right down to the little "storybook" and the bottle design. 

I had gotten my mom, my sister, and I some BB cream from GMarket for around $13 each, and not only that but it is basically my first BB cream! I had gotten the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit since it seems to be the most promising one out of all of the other various BB cream that are out there! That and said BB cream being slightly cheaper helps as well. I had already tried it a couple of times and it has some nice coverage as well as definite brightening of the skin. Other than the freakout attack about the random bump/pimple that was on my cheek, there had been no problems as of yet...

Finally, this is a gift that my friend got me during the Christmas holiday. It is a Betsey Johnson bracelet, which I really love very much! ^^ <3

I had also gotten a couple of things for myself to last me throughout the rest of the winter, mainly a cute knit beret hat from Yesstyle for about $7.98 (which you can find here), and more leggings for $3.50 a pair from a discount store, since I was running low on them.


Now for some pictures that you would not have expected! Real life pictures! Finally, some pictures of me traversing the great unknown that is constantly referred to as "life", and not just constantly pictures taken of either inanimate objects or of my room.

On a more serious note, this has been pretty much the first time that I had taken pictures of what I do outside. I don't usually bring the camera with me when heading out with family and friends, and I did not have a smartphone at the time as well, leading me to be pretty much camera-less for about 99.99% of the time that I had been going around outside. Now that I have a brand new phone with a decent built-in camera (which I will be going into later in the post), picture taking should be no problem from here on out! :)

I went off to go have a steaming piping bowl of pho with my family sometime after work. The picture was actually taken as an inside joke between my sister and I (Hint: She usually doesn't drink tea with her pho), which is holding the spoon closest to the camera lens.

During last Christmas, I did some last minute Christmas shopping for my friend and had came across this very beautiful tea set. I did not get the set or the individual pieces, but they were so pretty I couldn't resist sneaking in a snapshot of them! "Frosty" on the other hand is actually a gigantic slipper that my sister and I had found in a supermarket. I did not want to risk sneaking in more snapshots of it, so I only took a picture of the "head" section. It sure had looked comfy though.

While we were at the same supermarket, my sister wanted to get a Pop 'n Cookin set, which are at around $5 CAD. There were a variety of different kinds of sweets and we were having a hard time trying to pick between donuts and cake, but we eventually decided on the donuts. The instructions were a bit hard to follow, so we relied on this video here. In the end, our attempts at trying to make the perfect donuts were a...pass, but we eventually got to making them and keeping them in the shape we wanted. A demonstration of our "dough" can be found below, though I do really envy the person making the donuts in the video. How can they make them so perfectly!? 

Though while I was in the progress of making these, I had wondered how they had formed everything (the different types of dough, the icing, etc.) out of what seems to be simple ordinary powder?  

Remember that part about a new smartphone that I had mentioned earlier? Well now is the time for the great reveal! Before the crazy Christmas shopping craze, I had eventually gotten a new smartphone called the LG Optimus 4X HD to replace my old flip phone, which was the Motorola Krzr K1M. 

So far, though I might sound like someone who has been living under a technological rock for quite some time, I like all the new features and perks that I could not do at all on my old phone. This includes the camera, where I couldn't even take some on my old phone due to screen limitations along with resolution problems. One thing that I can make due without for sure would definitely be the battery life. It unfortunately runs quite low when in moderate to heavy data usage. More information about the phone can be found here.

Just to demonstrate the picture quality of the camera, I had taken an semi-outfit shot with it.


  1. This tea set is so cute and Princess like :) I need set like this :)

    1. Thank you! ^^ I thought that it was so adorable as well, but I wasn't exactly looking for a tea set at the time, as tempting as it is. ._.

  2. That post was long for sure. Anyway I really like those lace leggings and the betsey johnson box is soooo cute I want as well as the bracelet!! I love Nina Ricci perfumes used to have one, the packages are lovely too. Smartphones are life changing I can't even understand how I used to live when I did not had one haha. Have a nice weekend Wanda :)

    1. ^^ That was not intentional Emma! It got long due to a very long backlog (almost a month even!), so I will try to make the post shorter next time! Thank you for the wonderful comment! <3


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