Saturday, 18 February 2012

Top Alteration, Outfits, Claires Haul, and a Gift

Hello everyone!

First off, I would like to say Happy belated Valentines Day! ^^ I know that it is quite late for it (and by five days no doubt), but it is better than never right? I hope that you all had plenty of time to spend with that certain special someone or that you were celebrating being single by loving yourself. I had just finished a midterm, so I am currently in a relaxed phase at the moment. Of course, that will change once my break ends and I will have to write midterms for my other classes. In the meantime as of now, I am on "vacation".

Ever have one of those problems where you just cannot find a cute hime top anywhere or you don't know what to do with your old clothes once you had acquired some cute ones? Well I had been going through that. Lately, I find that ever since I had gotten some cute tops from Taobao and I had been gradually moving myself into the hime scene, I had been neglecting my plainer tops and leaving them in the drawers collecting dust. I figured that this calls for a modification or alteration! Changing the clothes to better fit your personality! :D Plus you won't have a guilty conscious of carelessly throwing your old clothes away.

So here is my first attempt at modifying a "scrunched" short-sleeve top that I had gotten a long time ago at Stitches:



Close up shot of the bow and the lace detailing

So what do you think? I find that it isn't too bad for a first attempt. At first I was worried that I would make simple mistakes such as sewing the lace onto the collar incorrectly or not getting the bow straight. Imagine to my relief that it turned out just fine! I will definitely do more of this to my other plainer tops and with different designs. 

I took some more outfit shots over the past two weeks or so. I want to get into the habit of taking outfit shots and what no better time than now? Still not at the level of fantastic that I'm looking (and hoping) for, especially in the facial expressions, but hopefully that will get better with time. I also should clean the mirror soon, what with all the dust and spots! ><

Outfit 1

Headband: Ardene
Dress: Urban Planet
Cardigan: Urban Planet
Tights: Ardene
Leggings: Urban Planet
Bow Pin: Ardene
Accessories: Claires
Bag: Jesus Diamante

Outfit 2

Dress: Yesstyle
Sweater: Sirens
Tights: Ardene
Leggings: Urban Planet
Accessories: Taobao
Bag: Jesus Diamante

Outfit 3

Headband: Ardene
Top: Urban Planet
Cardigan: Urban Planet
Slipdress: Yesstyle
Tights: Ardene
Leggings: Urban Planet
Necklace: Taobao
Bracelet: Claires

A while back I had recently bought a few things at Claires. ^^ I cannot help myself, since they have such great deals and such cute jewelry. <3 Unfortunately the one near my house and the one that I frequently go to is going to be closing down in a few months, which is really unfortunate since I shop there a lot whenever I have free time after school. :( Fortunately however, they are having a huge closing out sale, with everything in the store being 50~75% off.

I had originally seen this necklace back when they had their spring collection displayed. Back then, the necklace was regular priced at approximately $16, which was too expensive. :/ Ever since then, I had wanted this necklace for quite some time. Imagine to my surprise that they re-released it again as a clearance item! I was pleasantly surprised and very happy that the necklaces came back and at such a cheap price too! An actual example that demonstrates the reward of being patient. I especially love the golden butterflies and the flower pattern inside the "bubble" display. It also reminded me of one of the necklaces found at JD. The small bow and butterfly are a nice addition to the necklace. 

What I love dearly regarding these three necklaces is that they are so cheap. I paid about $4 for each necklace after the 50% off discount. 

Lastly, my mom and I went to Winners, a discount chain found in Canada. I was able to find a Vera Wang princess perfume for $30, but didn't get it because of the questionable shelf life. We were originally at Winners to check out the supposely "cheap" shoes but there were no good ones when we arrived. :/ Fortunately I had manage to find some warm tights for winter for just $3, which my mom had bought for me! <3

Well that's all. Until next time! (feeling a bit tired at the moment)


  1. I love your style; it reminds me of Liz Lisa! ; u ; I especially like the third outfit - very cute~

  2. Woooow, I *really* like your coordinates, especially #2 (I'm going to put it in my coordinate folder, if that's alright XD)

    I also like your customized shirt. I don't think I can quite do that with anything I own (all the shirts I own are either under shirts or really oversized shirts that still aren't long enough to make shirt dresses out of). Besides they're all really old, many from my high school years, so it's probably best I donate them. I mean, someone out there must like t-shirts too, so they'll be happy XD

  3. cute outfits! love the accessories ^^

  4. I really love what you did with the top, it's creative and lovely!
    As for the outfits your style is super cute and feminine. I like all the sweet colors, the flowers etc :)
    It's been a while hun I hope you're doing okay and thank you for the support you always show me :)

  5. Great job with the shirt makeover.

    I love the idea of daily snapshots. Outfit 2 is my favorite. The colors look so nice with your skin tone.

  6. @メッロヂチャン Thank you very much! ^^

    @Aimiya Aww thank you! It is quite alright so go ahead. :) I'm very flattered! xD

    With old clothes, I would usually go through them to see if any of them is still modifiable before donating them. I agree with you. If the clothes are too old that they no longer fit your tastes, then it is best to give them away to charity for someone else in need.

    @The Glass Princess Thank you!

    @Emmanuella Thank you! You definitely deserve the support with your well thought-out posts and lovely outfits! :D

    @Lady M Thank you! I figured that it would be about time to break out the snapshots after blogging for a while. Still definitely going to be working on the hair and makeup however.

  7. wow that's amazing! You altered it so well, and it looks so much cuter now!

  8. i know you havent blogged in a while but i wanted to let you know ive given you an award on my blog! the details are on there ^^

  9. hey! thanks for stopping by in my blog :)
    your style looks incredibly cute and girly btw! I love all that lace and bows and gentle colours. and the DIY top looks like it has always been that way. you've done an awesome job! ;)

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  10. @Chococcuro Oh thank you! xD I got lucky with the lace however.

    @The Glass Princess I noticed before checking the comments! :D I personally thanked you in my latest blog post so check it out if you have the time! ^^

    @Maiken It was no problem! I really love your style after reading your interview! You have an awesome fashion sense and thank you! :D


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